2016-08-28–Rockland — Booth Bay, ME

We continued our travels west as we slowly made out way back towards the Chesapeake.


Departing Merchants Row and the Hell’s Half Acre anchorage provided some magnificent photos.



Getting out of the area around Hell’s Half Acre is a little like escaping from a maze. Merchants Row consists of many small islands and rock out cropping’s to avoid and find out way around. I have to say it was a lot more confusing than imagined to navigate towards open water.


After departing the area known as Merchants we crossed the eastern half of Penobscot Bay. In the middle of Penobscot Bay are the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven. The passage between the island is know as The Thorofare.


The communities the line the banks look as if life has changed little in the last 100 years.


There are traditional gorgeous homes along the area.


Many many boat houses a long the shore.



I had to take a quick picture of this Krogen 42. The Krogen is a real ocean going trawler capable of going anywhere Magnolia can. If we ever make the Great Loop trip this would be the type of boat we would do it in.



Next stop was the town of Rockland


I wish I could say I took more pictures but I forgot except for one which I call “The Promised Land.” See I needed a tool I had found anywhere else and this was the first Home Depot I had seen since July 4th!


Departing Rockland early the next morning granted a us a lovely sunrise and an opportunity to remind Annette how late we slept in and how that sail boat beat us out of the harbor!!


The passage west to Boothbay was well outside the shelter of islands and we really were in the ocean…a little reminder that we have been transiting protected waters recently!!


The good thing about the rocky coast of Maine…light houses, lots of light houses to mark the passages.



We had not taken on fuel since our visit to Groton CT and still have over half left. Planning the trip back off shore to Onset, MA we like fill’er up. Having full tanks we could motor all the way to Maryland if we needed too!


We normally like to anchor on our own ground tackle but this particular anchorage really did “encourage” us to pick up a mooring ball. Not our favorite thing because you really really never know how well the mooring has been maintained. We quickly got settled and Annette went touring the shops in search of any must haves..I mean while found a bench over looking the main drag to watch the afternoon go by!



Some days you watch the show, some days you are the show…this port we were the show.



Inside the beautiful boat house lies a beautiful boat…you can see the wood stern exposed.


This is another one of my favorites. It’s name is Itaska. (http://www.myitasca.com/). I understand its forsale for ONLY 20M, but that does not include the helicopter….


Next stop, off the beaten path to Wiscasset! Looking forward!

2016-09-22 North East Harbor / Hell’s Half Acre

Yes there really is a place but more on that in a moment…we had a terrific visit to in North East Harbor. We were able to do a few chores, some nice long walks and another visit with S/V Second Sally (Greg & Marie).



It was a little foggy when we departed Winter Harbor but as we rounded the tip of Mt Desert Island we were rewarded with just a bit of clearing which made view a little more beautiful and more importantly good visibility to get into North Eastern Harbor.


Normally the tides in NEH run about 8 feet but in this part of the moon cycle it has been closer to 12 feet…that is A LOT of water as you can see.  The dock ramp will tilt in the opposite direction at high tide!!



Annette selfie at Jordon Pond @ Acadia National Forest.



LL Bean Company sponsors a public Bus System (http://www.exploreacadia.com/) that provides transportation on Mt Desert Island and around Acadia National Forest. It is a terrific system though sometimes you have to wait a while on connections..


Overlooking the Bar Harbor water front..


Acadia National Forest


One of the famous carriage road and bridges in Acadia


We enjoyed our visit but it was time to move on. Early in the morning fog was quite heavy and so departure was delayed.


We started to see some sun peak through so got on the move. The passage to Devils Half Acre was about 20 miles. We had planned a more direct route but the fog was bit heavier than forcast so we remained highly dependent on the radar for navigation so we decided to take a more round about route which kept us in deeper water where we have more room to maneuver, fewer lobster pots and less boat traffic.


Thankfully the “marks” show up on radar 1) so we dont run into them, 2) gives a good fix on our actual location.




Thankfully as we approached the anchorage we did get some clearing which certainly removed a great deal of anxiety that exists when entering a new anchorage in the fog!!!




We are expecting a front to come off the coast so we will stay here in this protected anchorage for a couple days for that to clear through.


2016-08-10 – Onset, MA–Swan Island, ME

We really enjoyed our stay in Onset. It is easy to be there, we were able to connect with our friends Frank & Elaine as well as a visit with Annette’s Niece Laura and Christopher. It was time to get underway though and first challenge is the Cape Cod Canal.


The canal connects Buzzards Bay with Cape Cod Bay and the currents can really rip through there. Definitely not against the current and I am not really that big a fan of going with the current full out either. I get nervous when sail boats go faster than 9 knts! With a current of 4 going through there….that is really fast!


Our friends Frank & Elaine have a home nearby so they were kind enough to come out and offer their support and a picture of us setting off in the canal.


Frank & Elaine on shore as we pass by!


We had a terrific passage…great sailing all the way to Maine. At the risk of attracting violence…”nothing says Maine in August like donning a sweatshirt.” Yes it was that nippy even inside the enclosure with the morning sun shining.


First good sighting of land after the fog cleared and the sun came up a little


Narrow passages between big chunks of granite…not that big a fan but no real problem either.


Note the reflection bench in the woods….I like that spot.


This house caught my eye out the port light…and below



Our first anchorage was Swan’s Island, ME. Yes this really is an island hence the Ferry Dock.


Our first walk around “town” was the guide to our first night visit. Walking past the local Baptist Church we noted the below sign. A bit later a visit to the local Lobster and Maritime Museum made us aware of a scheduled talk on the Sextants and Navigation.




The Admiral referred to the evenning as dinner and a show. Now the dinner was pretty good, the talk well the speaker needs some more practice. All in all, an evening well spent.


We are next off to Winter Harbor to meet up with our friends and mentors!

2016-08-10 Onset, Massachusetts

We cannot depart New England with out saying how much we THOROUGHLY enjoyed out time there. We were so able to see so many friends and some family!!! Thank you all. None the less it was time to get on the road and after a quick over night stay at Cutty Hunk, MA Magnolia arrived in Onset, MA.


Onset provides a perfect location to wait for a weather window for the overnight hop to Maine. As you can see Onset sets at the western end of the Cape Cod Canal. The current through the Cape Cod Canal runs as high as 5 knots in each direction depending on the tide. If your boat has a top speed of 7 knots selecting the time to transit is key!


Overlooking Oneset Harbor


The Admiral seems to be really enjoying the visit.


A required stop is Marc Anthony’s Pizza. Highly recommend the pizza!


I grew up with these in Detroit and was flabbergasted to actually see one still on a post. I SO SO wanted to pull it and see if it worked! My luck that darn thing would work perfectly and then I would be in trouble. (For those that do not know its a Fire Department Call Box)


2016_08_06_13_43_53_AWB-012 2016_08_06_13_44_12_AWB-013


I could kick myself once again! Our friends Elaine and Frank who lived in the same building as we met us for lunch and a small ice cream visit. Of course I missed the picture! Later in the same day Annette’s niece Laura and Chris stopped as they were passing through for a visit. Chris and Laura help us HUGELY on land catching mail and being our on land support group. No cruiser can live with out help like theirs. Thank you!


We found our weather window to depart and then it dawned on me…I wondered when I was going to have ice cream again. We quickly headed to shore to check that pre-departure requirement off the list!


As we wave good bye to Onset!


Passage to Maine, coming up!

2016-08-06–Watch Hill, RI–Onset, MA

Upon our return to Connecticut Magnolia took on a few provisions loaded up on fuel and water and at the suggestion of Kindred Spirit headed for Watch Hill. RI. We have never visited Watch Hill before so for us it was a no brainer!


The antenna is a data collector for tagged birds during migrations. It seems they just fly by and get scanned….super market style!


The beach walks in Watch Hill were spectacular!!


The boats at the town dock were pretty spectacular as well. We actually saw the vessel below pass us on the ICW in one of the Carolinas.



The Watch Hill Coast Guard Station. There has been a beacon here since 1745


Watch Hill proper,  the tallest white house is reportedly Taylor Swifts


At the last minute Cutting Class was able to get away and join all of us in Watch Hill.


Dean & MaryJo also from Schenncossett Yacht Club joined the festivities. They evidently know Exuberants son from work. Small world.



Sadly it was time to say farewell and get Magnolia pointed towards Maine. Here is Watch Hill from the sound side as we depart.



It has been a great month in visiting with friends, family and seeing new places. A real treat and so appreciate the hospitality here and up in Narragansett Bay! Magnolia is currently in Onset MA.

2016-08-05 — Lima, OH – Family Weekend–NON-Magnolia

I promised two of my great aunts many years ago that as long as you had a family reunion, I would be there. This year was the 40th Anniversary of the current incarnation. We have some dear friends that loaned Magnolia a parking spot and allowed us to make the drive from Connecticut to Ohio…which was a LONG drive!


As we approached Mansfield OH, mother nature again wanted to make her presence known. Definitely a welcome back to the mid-west.


We met up with my cousin Sheridan and my god-son to tour the “Temple of Tolerance” which is actually listed on TripAdvisor directly behind the “Armstrong Air & Space Museum.” Yup you learned it here!


I am not really able to describe the Temple of Tolerance other than it feels like a Japanese Garden with a Ohio twist.


The “Temple” does have a whacky feel to it but the gardens and connecting paths certainly lend themselves to a contemplative atmosphere and a wonderful place to relax!

2016_08_04_23_23_04_AWB-005    2016_08_04_23_24_13_AWB-008


The highlight of the whole reunion was watching my mother head out for a motorcycle ride with my cousin Gary. Now there are a lot things I would not expect but this is not one of them!



Three generations of Bakers.


As we always try and do is meet Ted &Tina Tennar for breakfast on our way home. My old old friend Jack Tennar is the brother. We have spent time together many many times over the last 30 years. Thank you Ted & Tina for getting up early to meet us!!!


It was a short visit to Ohio but always worth it. I am lucky to have such a close relationship with so many of our relatives and that is really cool!