2016-08-10 – Onset, MA–Swan Island, ME

We really enjoyed our stay in Onset. It is easy to be there, we were able to connect with our friends Frank & Elaine as well as a visit with Annette’s Niece Laura and Christopher. It was time to get underway though and first challenge is the Cape Cod Canal.


The canal connects Buzzards Bay with Cape Cod Bay and the currents can really rip through there. Definitely not against the current and I am not really that big a fan of going with the current full out either. I get nervous when sail boats go faster than 9 knts! With a current of 4 going through there….that is really fast!


Our friends Frank & Elaine have a home nearby so they were kind enough to come out and offer their support and a picture of us setting off in the canal.


Frank & Elaine on shore as we pass by!


We had a terrific passage…great sailing all the way to Maine. At the risk of attracting violence…”nothing says Maine in August like donning a sweatshirt.” Yes it was that nippy even inside the enclosure with the morning sun shining.


First good sighting of land after the fog cleared and the sun came up a little


Narrow passages between big chunks of granite…not that big a fan but no real problem either.


Note the reflection bench in the woods….I like that spot.


This house caught my eye out the port light…and below



Our first anchorage was Swan’s Island, ME. Yes this really is an island hence the Ferry Dock.


Our first walk around “town” was the guide to our first night visit. Walking past the local Baptist Church we noted the below sign. A bit later a visit to the local Lobster and Maritime Museum made us aware of a scheduled talk on the Sextants and Navigation.




The Admiral referred to the evenning as dinner and a show. Now the dinner was pretty good, the talk well the speaker needs some more practice. All in all, an evening well spent.


We are next off to Winter Harbor to meet up with our friends and mentors!

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  1. The comment about sweatshirts gave me a giggle. 3 years ago when we went to New England, I told Mike he should pack a sweatshirt and jeans. His comment was, “But it’s summer! I’m not taking a sweatshirt!” Guess what we ended up buying in Block Island!!!

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