2016-08-10 Onset, Massachusetts

We cannot depart New England with out saying how much we THOROUGHLY enjoyed out time there. We were so able to see so many friends and some family!!! Thank you all. None the less it was time to get on the road and after a quick over night stay at Cutty Hunk, MA Magnolia arrived in Onset, MA.


Onset provides a perfect location to wait for a weather window for the overnight hop to Maine. As you can see Onset sets at the western end of the Cape Cod Canal. The current through the Cape Cod Canal runs as high as 5 knots in each direction depending on the tide. If your boat has a top speed of 7 knots selecting the time to transit is key!


Overlooking Oneset Harbor


The Admiral seems to be really enjoying the visit.


A required stop is Marc Anthony’s Pizza. Highly recommend the pizza!


I grew up with these in Detroit and was flabbergasted to actually see one still on a post. I SO SO wanted to pull it and see if it worked! My luck that darn thing would work perfectly and then I would be in trouble. (For those that do not know its a Fire Department Call Box)


2016_08_06_13_43_53_AWB-012 2016_08_06_13_44_12_AWB-013


I could kick myself once again! Our friends Elaine and Frank who lived in the same building as we met us for lunch and a small ice cream visit. Of course I missed the picture! Later in the same day Annette’s niece Laura and Chris stopped as they were passing through for a visit. Chris and Laura help us HUGELY on land catching mail and being our on land support group. No cruiser can live with out help like theirs. Thank you!


We found our weather window to depart and then it dawned on me…I wondered when I was going to have ice cream again. We quickly headed to shore to check that pre-departure requirement off the list!


As we wave good bye to Onset!


Passage to Maine, coming up!

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