2016-08-06–Watch Hill, RI–Onset, MA

Upon our return to Connecticut Magnolia took on a few provisions loaded up on fuel and water and at the suggestion of Kindred Spirit headed for Watch Hill. RI. We have never visited Watch Hill before so for us it was a no brainer!


The antenna is a data collector for tagged birds during migrations. It seems they just fly by and get scanned….super market style!


The beach walks in Watch Hill were spectacular!!


The boats at the town dock were pretty spectacular as well. We actually saw the vessel below pass us on the ICW in one of the Carolinas.



The Watch Hill Coast Guard Station. There has been a beacon here since 1745


Watch Hill proper,  the tallest white house is reportedly Taylor Swifts


At the last minute Cutting Class was able to get away and join all of us in Watch Hill.


Dean & MaryJo also from Schenncossett Yacht Club joined the festivities. They evidently know Exuberants son from work. Small world.



Sadly it was time to say farewell and get Magnolia pointed towards Maine. Here is Watch Hill from the sound side as we depart.



It has been a great month in visiting with friends, family and seeing new places. A real treat and so appreciate the hospitality here and up in Narragansett Bay! Magnolia is currently in Onset MA.

1 thought on “2016-08-06–Watch Hill, RI–Onset, MA

  1. Hi there you two. What great pictures! Never heard of Watch Hill, very interesting and you are right the beach looks great, particularly sharing with friends too bad Taylor Swift could not join you. Take care.
    Pat and Will

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