2016-08-05 — Lima, OH – Family Weekend–NON-Magnolia

I promised two of my great aunts many years ago that as long as you had a family reunion, I would be there. This year was the 40th Anniversary of the current incarnation. We have some dear friends that loaned Magnolia a parking spot and allowed us to make the drive from Connecticut to Ohio…which was a LONG drive!


As we approached Mansfield OH, mother nature again wanted to make her presence known. Definitely a welcome back to the mid-west.


We met up with my cousin Sheridan and my god-son to tour the “Temple of Tolerance” which is actually listed on TripAdvisor directly behind the “Armstrong Air & Space Museum.” Yup you learned it here!


I am not really able to describe the Temple of Tolerance other than it feels like a Japanese Garden with a Ohio twist.


The “Temple” does have a whacky feel to it but the gardens and connecting paths certainly lend themselves to a contemplative atmosphere and a wonderful place to relax!

2016_08_04_23_23_04_AWB-005    2016_08_04_23_24_13_AWB-008


The highlight of the whole reunion was watching my mother head out for a motorcycle ride with my cousin Gary. Now there are a lot things I would not expect but this is not one of them!



Three generations of Bakers.


As we always try and do is meet Ted &Tina Tennar for breakfast on our way home. My old old friend Jack Tennar is the brother. We have spent time together many many times over the last 30 years. Thank you Ted & Tina for getting up early to meet us!!!


It was a short visit to Ohio but always worth it. I am lucky to have such a close relationship with so many of our relatives and that is really cool!

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  1. Hey Anthony! your mother looks great. Never heard of the Temple of Tolerance. Must have been left over from the 60 and the hippies. Glad you had a great time in my home state also.
    Pat and Will

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