2011-08-07 Tennar Sailing Weekend (there are always wounds)

Jack, Kathy, the girls joined Annette and I for a sail on Saturday. We had lets describe them as “spirited” conditions which allowed our girl (Magnolia) to really stretch her legs for a gallop across the Chesapeake Bay. We sailed along on a broad reach well into 7knt territory. We even touched 8knts once which is the fastest we have seen in the Bay. The Tennar girls were not enjoying the boat motion nearly as much as the adults so we made a quick beeline back to the dock. We managed to to get Magnolia back in here slip safely even with the aforementioned “spirited” wind conditions. I even found out why we have the big 52 winches on the back deck…to crank the boat up to the pier when the wind is blowing you off!

As indicated in the title, there is always a wound. I managed to slip in the companionway and face dive the hatch cover. As you can see there is a band-aid across my nose.

Once back at the slip we made a nice dinner and watched a a movie, “Captain Ron” of course! To add just one more thing, Verizon went on strike Saturday night so Annette and to be up off the boat at 5 to work. She will be working 12 on 12 off for the duration of the strike, well at least until day 10 when they give her a day off. I told her to quit whenever she wants, I am thinking we need a union! I better shut up and go to bed, be safe and fair winds and following seas to you all!