2019-10-15 — Solomons Island, MD — Friends and Family — Boat-Yard Blues — Krogen Rendezvous

Departing Galesville we headed at best speed to get into Washburns Boatyard at Solomons Island, MD The view from the bow of Magnolia. It is for me not overly attractive but its part of the “gig.”

The same view from the port-side stern is a bit more attractive…thankfully!!!

The first job was to repair a leaky coolant line that feeds the hot-water heater. Hot water is made via the main engine as well as electricity via shore power or the generator. Installing an extension allowed for a more secure valve installation.

Our friends on MV Confetti (Mack & Vicki) arrived Solomons shortly after we did. Our first outing was to Cove Point Lighthouse.

The evening we were there was a blustery day. I can only imagine the conditions of the point during a formidable NE/E/SE weather front.

Back to the boatyard Magnolia was hauled out of the water…always a nerve racking moment to see how the bottom hidden underwater for the last 12 months and 6000 miles.

Once installed ashore, a view from Magnolia looking out to Solomons “Back Creek.”

One memorable weekend we had was a trip to Cleveland to witness the wedding of my cousin and fellow GenIV Sean and MaryAnn. We were invited to ride with my cousin George and Julie. We had gabbed and gabbed the entire trip and it was a blessing that I did not have to drive!!!!

Maryrose cheated and caught a flight to Cleveland!

My cousin AnnMarie and Jonathon came from Newport, RI…we TRIED to visit this summer in Newport!

Sean and MaryAnn wedding was held at Squires Castle, location detailed below. Just know the location was exceptionally beautiful and romantic,


The McAndrews arm of the family….a mere fraction of cousins….best guess 5%.

Note the covered the knees….

Back to basics……

Upon our return to Maryland we found some homeless people….since our rental house while Magnolia was out of the water has a second room we were able to keep Mack & Vicki off the streets.

The following evening we added another notch in our Trivia Night Winning at the Ruddy Duck. Reminder http://a2baker.com/magnoliablog/?p=10065

As you can see the bottom has been painted, sacrificial zincs replaced.

One of several hull attached zincs

The Admirals FAVORITE onboard luxury. A 25hp hydraulic bow thruster that allows her to move the bow right to where she wants it! Note the zinc on the propeller center.

On the inside we had a number of items addressed. Thankfully none critical, just things that were left undone during the original refit in 2017. There was the stabilizer locking valve that locks the stabilizer wings when not in use. That could make a very annoying clunk when at anchor….not good for good Captain Admiral relations….

When it comes to industrial strength recreational vessels Magnolia is pretty high on the list. Whomever initially spec’d her at construction specified some VERY robust systems. Below is the Hydraulic Pump on the main engine and there is a fully redundant pump mounted on the generator.

Hydraulic Fluid is kind of like electricity. It i simply a means of moving energy to a device that requires it. Whether it is a motor or ram this oil/energy is distributed by this block and solenoid system. Note the blue cased filter which was also changed during this period.

All that energy generates a fair amount of heat which brings us to the biggest reason we came to the yard. This is a hydraulic cooling jacket. Before the hydraulic fluid is returned to the tank/reservoir it needs to be cooled. That is done by the cooling jacket, hot oil is cooled by a flow of ocean water. My experience over the last 7 years is that after 20 years in hot saltwater you are going to fail. Does not matter what you are made of. This jacket developed a pin hole that was a nuisance for now but only going to get worse. Replacement was the right way to go. This is not an everyday piece of hardware so it needed to be fabricated. After much searching a shop in Louisiana was contracted to manufacture. There is also one of these units on the generator so we went ahead and had two made for when that one does finally fail….at it will.

We were FINALLY ready to get back in the water

Next up was the Kadey Krogen Rendezvous also held at Solomons Island. Part of the “gig” is they moor the boats “Boat Show Style.” I am NOT a fan because I believe there is more risk than reward…imho

Arleen (Arion), Annette (Magnolia) and Michele (Kindred Spirit)

Boat Show Style

Annette took on and in a VERY short period of time arranged a silent auction to support the Dorian damaged Bahamas. The Krogen Community raised over $7000 dollars for the effort. I am very proud of my wife and her friend Arlene who put this effort together in such a short time.

As any long time reader will recognize these are frends Al & Michele of Kindred Spirit. There is a story here but I am unable to provide details at this time!

Al won a Kadey Krogen flag……hmmm

and then it was time to break this raft out. We had never met new friends Joe & Kim on Largo. Largo is a similar vintage Krogen as Magnolia so there are many technical similarities.

Patuxent River heading out…btw, this is the same river the British used to burn Washington in the War of 1812….today’s trivia

Some of the “fleet” heading south on the Chesapeake Bay, not overly nice day, but any day underway is not a bad day!

Magnolia wil be making her way south over the next month arriving in Jacksonville in the middle of November. Stay tuned!