2021-05-26 New Crew (Pops onboard)

We had an opportunity to finally get my dad onboard for an extended transit on Magnolia. He rode a couple days with us last year but this year we were able to get him to fly into Charleston and ride from there to Norfolk…465 miles.

Arriving in Charleston though he was not aboard but his boat was there, was my Doctors boat. I was sure happy to see those fees are going to a good cause! For the record, Dr Sandy has been a huge medical asset to me and cannot thank him enough….just wanted to be clear!

We had a couple days before dad arrived so as I was wrapping up work one afternoon I found Annette had laid us out snacks and drinks to take a break and enjoy a little time just being on the water.

First stop of interest was Holden Beach, NC. We were hoping to connect with my cousins on the McAdnrews side of the family but they were not in town this weekend. So we took a little break for some shore leave and ice cream….there is always Ice Cream!

Dad seems to be enjoying himself!

Now, about that Ice Cream. We love the Carolina Beach Communities…you can always find ice cream!

Next stop was in Southport, NC. Our friends Joe and Christine had just arrived home that day from Florida yet still made the effort to come meet us for dinner. A wonderful introduction for pops and a wonderful evening!

Though we stopped I neglected to get pictures from Swansboro and we also had a lovely dinner with Annettes Cousin Beth and Bob…I have to get back into the picture habit.

Speaking of Ice Cream….ever since Al Watson introduced us to Dove Bars it has been a guilty affliction.

Dad doing some of that “Crew Stuff” under the Admirals guidance.

More crew stuff, relaxing…we work very hard to relax well. I think dad is getting the hang of it.

After arriving in Hampton VA the first stop is Venture for their homemade Tater-Tots. Thanks to Mack & Vicki McGhee for the tip on this spot….it is always each and great to be back in Hampton. We will be picking up my sister and brother in law for the trip to Annapolis.

2021-05-15 — Beaufort/Charleston SC

Last picture in St Augustine at the ever Elegant Bridge of Lions (and of course my beautiful wife).

Magnolia made a over-nigh offshore hop from St Augustine to Port Royal Sound. Conditions were not perfect but were as expected so we were prepared.

After entering the sound we continued up to Beaufort, SC and moored at Lady’s Island Marina.

We have been to Beaufort, SC several times but not since Confetti (Mack & Vicki) settled here. They have a lovely home in the only neighborhood where I said I could live here! (Kinda freaked Annette out, and perhaps scared Mack & Vicki!!!!)

Annette’s jewelry shop was in full production mode. While in Beaufort a shop owner asked to sell her sea-glass jewelry. The lady bought her entire inventory so was for the latest “THING” in Beaufort, Magnolia Sea Glass.

We did enjoy some time out relaxing in the Cockpit, aft patio before heading on to Charleston

The Low Country of South Carolina is very beautiful and peaceful. We took a couple days to complete a one day trip just to slow down and relax!!! We will have my dad onboard from Charleston up to Norfolk