2010-07-16 — Annette’s Birthday On Magnolia

We celebrated Annette’s birthday on board Magnolia on not one but two weekends. Last weekend Carol & Tony Haager joined us for an afternoon sail and lunch underway.  As you can guess we had a full house.    This weekend we were joined by Carol & Barry Reid, Lori & Mark Ragan plus Meg & Tripp Davis.

2010 7 17 Magnolia guests 002 2010 7 17 Magnolia guests 004 2010 7 17 Magnolia guests 007 2010 7 17 Magnolia guests 008 2010 7 17 Magnolia guests 010 2010 7 17 Magnolia---A2

In-spite of the high temperatures,  the whole gang seemed to have a great time though!  We look forward to sharing Magnolia with more friends and family soon.

2010 7 17 Magnolia guests 017

2010-08-07 – Crew Shake Down Cruise

We were finally able to assemble the crew (Friend Jill from Pentagon Sailing Club and Cousin Dan McAndrews) of Magnolia for our shake-down cruise. The initial plan was to head over to St. Michaels, MD (eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay) for a late lunch and be back to our homeport of Galesville MD before night fall.

Unfortunately the wind did not cooperate as well as we hoped so we came up a bit short of St. Michaels. None the less we were able to find a pleasant little cove in the Eastern Bay which made for a great temporary anchorage to Barbeque some lunch.

2010_08_07_19_39_09_AWB-023 2010_08_08_17_53_25_AWB-014 2010_08_07_18_13_20_AWB-012 2010_08_07_18_12_54_AWB-010


Of course there needed to be a post cruise celebration. Unfortunately, Jill the responsible one needed to go and study for her doctorate exams or something. That simply left Dan, Annette and I to celebrate our conquest….which we did!

2010_08_08_17_55_28_AWB-030 2010_08_08_17_54_42_AWB-031