2013-01-07 — The Tale Of Black-Water Jack (Part II)

Tunnel Vision is a dangerous thing. Not living aboard gives us plenty of time to visualize how something is going to work. I spend days before getting to the boat making diagrams and “imagining” how a cable, wire or in this case a hose is going to be routed. Sometimes having it worked out  in your brain before hand can be a determent. Take the below example. Before I installed one valve or hose I “knew” how it was all going to go together. As you can see hose is bent this way and that way and routed here and there, all because I “knew” how it was going together. Granted the moment I looked at the below I was not happy, but it was right all because that is how I “knew” it would go together.



After a week away from the boat I came back and realized immediately if I swap the connections on the Y-Valve and slightly adjusted the mounting of the valves I would have a much much cleaner installation with less hose and less bend in the hose. So much happier I was finally able to get my eyes outside the tunnel! Below you can see the same re-configured cabinet!


Granted the functionality of the system did not change at all but I wanted to try and align the functional drawing a little better to the physical so that when I am old and grey I have half hope of understanding how this thing is suppose to work.


With Annette’s help we pulled the remainder of the hoses and installed the sanitation pump that will be used to empty the bladder/tank.


Below is the freshly sealed and painted tank locker. Part III will be installation of the vent fitting planned for the back of tank locker.