2021-07-09 — Heading for Long Island NY

Before heading up the bay one thing we HAD to do was to get introduced to this little sweetie!!! What a beauty!! Jimmy / Kaitlyn, ya done good!!!!


There is a strange man holding me and I am not really sure…..

Hotties on the back deck!!!

We managed a meetup with SV Bootlegger whom also hail from the Pentagon Sailing Club. Great couple figuring it out just like we do!!!

You know its departure day when Magnolia gets a short-haul Spa treatment.

A short haul is not the least expensive way to get the bottom cleaned and zincs checked but it is the most thorough way to see what’s happening under the water.

That peace of mind is worth the expense!

Heading up the bay we our first stop was a visit to Camp Quigley. We met Frank and MaryMarie our freshen year and look forward to many times in the future! Its been a heck of a ride. We also stopped into Rockhall MD for a visit with MV Arion. Enjoyed a cigar and Rum tasting with my friend Al Mauger!

On Wednesdays I host the Waterway Radio and Cruising Club net. When possible have a video chat for the Net Controllers and relays to keep things moving smoothly.

The upper Chesapeake and Delaware Bay have a fair amount of ship traffic but we found the transit to be unusually busy.

Reedy Point Anchorage in northern Delaware Bay. Many people we talk to do not care for it but we find it to be EXTREMELY convenient for transiting the bay . It wins no beauty contests but we favor reliability more.

Delaware Bay Traffic

Cape Henlopen at the mouth of the Delaware Bay is the most underrated anchorages on the east coast. The level of protection and convenience cannot be beat. Not too mention it scores high on the beauty scale as well !!!

Never busy and plenty of room no matter the forecast.

Speaking of forecasts. we expect chance of thunderstorms as we ran up the coast of New Jersey and not disappointed. When we ended up in two DIFFERENT warning areas I thought was a but much but we got a some showers and that was it….THANKFULLY

We are off the New Jersey Coast far enough to have a pleasant open water sunset.

Never have we had this many birds catch a ride before. It was VERY unusual so in-spite of the fact they crapped on my deck, I did not chase them off. Figure they must have been tired.

Speaking of ship traffic. Crossing the New York shipping lanes we saw very LITTLE traffic. Annette does not like the midwatch but that causes her to be on watch for the channel crossing but tonight she had an easy go of it.

Hurricaine Elsa was only a couple days behind us. We were not anticipating a MAJOR event but none the less have to give these events the respect they deserve. We selected 3 mile harbor as our “Fort Apache.” It is large and never crowded and that is what we are looking for in a safe anchorage! Once we rounded Montauk we headed due west and had the anchor down well before sunset. That gave us a full day to rest up and prepare Magnolia before the blow arrived. It also gave a us a day to visit Beverly-S before they departed for their Fort Apache in Connecticut.

As expected and as far as hurricane’s go it was a very benign event. We only saw 34 knots and so that was really not a bad nor dangerous situation. Just a good storm!

During our last visit we did not make time to visit the town of East Hampton. As expected it was quite beautiful and filled with beautiful people. We enjoyed a walk around town and lunch off the boat.

It was time to haul the anchor and head for Groton CT where we will rendezvous’ with Kindred Spirit for the trip north to Maine.