2010-10-03 – The Cleckner Kids Weekend Aboard Magnolia

On Saturday we had the opportunity to have Annette’s brother-in-law (The sisters call all us brothers-in-law, “outlaws”) and her two nephews for an afternoon sail. Bob and the boys, Noah and Jake, seemed to thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Aeolus (Greek Mythology God of the Winds) brought us a nice breeze so we were able to share the simple pleasure of traveling with the winds.

2010_10_02_15_36_58_AWB-008 2010_10_02_15_37_04_AWB-009 2010_10_02_15_37_14_AWB-010 2010_10_02_15_37_28_AWB-011


On Sunday we had the pleasure of Annette’s sister Trish and niece Laura and her “friend” Anthony.  Aeolus was not so kind to us on Sunday. We had “plenty-o” wind to the point where we would be stretching our experience level just a bit too much. None the less we had a nice lunch on board and Magnolia’s enclosure provided a nice respite from the elements.

2010_10_03_11_11_14_AWB-020 2010_10_03_11_11_46_AWB-023 2010_10_03_13_16_28_AWB-028

Before departing for the weekend Annette did the final fitting of her dinghy cover for Blossom. After much work she declared the project complete at which time I mentioned how the binnacle cover needed some work… 🙂



2010-10-01 – Rain + Winds + Tide = Lots Of Water On the Dock

The picture below was taken last evening about 2200 as winds from the west combined with a high tide nearly covers the dock. The dock was eventually covered ut I was back onboard. I wanted to make sure I could jump back up and not fall in. Did have one boat break its mooring ball and end up on the shore. A neighbor and I dropped the “dink” in the water and pulled her off before the tide went back out. Would have ended up laying on her side on shore….not good!


This picture was taken 18 hours after the previous. This is what things “should” look like. Have all the Cleckner Kids coming out for a sail this weekend. Shaping up to the a great weekend! Be Safe, all is well aboard Magnolia!