2010-10-03 – The Cleckner Kids Weekend Aboard Magnolia

On Saturday we had the opportunity to have Annette’s brother-in-law (The sisters call all us brothers-in-law, “outlaws”) and her two nephews for an afternoon sail. Bob and the boys, Noah and Jake, seemed to thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Aeolus (Greek Mythology God of the Winds) brought us a nice breeze so we were able to share the simple pleasure of traveling with the winds.

2010_10_02_15_36_58_AWB-008 2010_10_02_15_37_04_AWB-009 2010_10_02_15_37_14_AWB-010 2010_10_02_15_37_28_AWB-011


On Sunday we had the pleasure of Annette’s sister Trish and niece Laura and her “friend” Anthony.  Aeolus was not so kind to us on Sunday. We had “plenty-o” wind to the point where we would be stretching our experience level just a bit too much. None the less we had a nice lunch on board and Magnolia’s enclosure provided a nice respite from the elements.

2010_10_03_11_11_14_AWB-020 2010_10_03_11_11_46_AWB-023 2010_10_03_13_16_28_AWB-028

Before departing for the weekend Annette did the final fitting of her dinghy cover for Blossom. After much work she declared the project complete at which time I mentioned how the binnacle cover needed some work… 🙂



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