2019-03-19 — Exuma Chain

We departed Fresh Creek Andros eastbound for Highborne Cay of course into a stiff easterly. Magnolia really showed her metal as we still continue to get to know her. As long as I kept my foot off the pedal she plugged right along just as happy as a boat could be, and we were too. It was a long 5o mile day passage but as good as we could have hoped for.

We have not been in the Bahamas for two years so it was nice to be back in the familiarity of Highborne and the Exumas.

Some fellow Krogenites, MV Unforgettable and Privateer were at Cambridge so we skipped Wardwick Wells and headed on down.

Getting into Cambridge Cay can be a little confusing and maybe a little daunting….once you see a 135ft mega yacht go through…you kind of loose your excuses….

Once in the mooring field this is what awaits….just beautiful.

Cambridge Cay — Bahamas Land and Sea Park
Greg (Privateer) and Scott (Unforgettable) enjoying an evening aboard Magnolia
A wonderful afternoon on the shore on at Cambridge Cay – Off to the Conch Nursery – Thank you Lisa (Privateer) for leading the excursion.

From Cambridge we moved down to Black Point, Exumas

The fish cleaning dock always has a variety of guys coming by for a snack on the leftovers. We don’t dangle our toes in case they get confused!

My work colleague, Pat McWherter whom I knew by name is also aboard a boat making his first trip to the Bahamas. Our mutual friend Byran Metts connected which was really cool

Pat and his crew were heading north as we were heading south and crossed paths here in Black Point.

Orion does not currently have a water maker. Magnolia makes more and stores more than we can possibly need so we were able to give Orion a good fashion style UN-REP (underway replenishment). We enjoyed a couple of cigars and some shared gratitude for the circumstances we find ourselves.

About the time Orion was departing, our friends Scott and Melissa arrived aboard Unforgettable.

A beach walk in search of sea-glass was embarked on.

Annettes Bounty!

Next stop Georgetown, Exumas.

2019-03-05 Crossing Gulf Stream – Palm Beach – Fresh Creek Andros Bahamas

Magnolia has not been to the Bahamas in the last two winters so we were excited to get going. Our plan has been to depart Palm Beach and work our way to Miami area and cross the Gulf-stream when a weather window presented. Completely unexpected but a window presented just as we departed Palm Beach!

We departed Old Port Cove marina, made a drive-by of our friend Mims Condominium.

Waving to Mims!

We anchored just inside the inlet at Lake Worth / Palm Beach. This was two fold in that we could get an early start out on the ocean but more importantly we really like to have a night on the anchor just to make sure Magnolias Systems are working correctly and it just give us, the crew a chance to get our “head in the game.”

First thing the next morning we headed for the ocean to depart the inlet…we had a momentary delay waiting for a arriving passenger ship…

Traffic – it is always there, cars or ships!

Departing the inlet, directly into the sun. Just down the coast is the is the President’s Mara-Largo estate. I was surprised to find a crashed boat on the beach nearby. I assumed it would have been removed like yesterday. Of course there is always one, out of no-where a sailing catamaran crossed our bow, not overly dangerous at this range but certainly rude. As we were preparing to head east off of Fort Lauderdale we had what appeared to be a decommissioned Navy Ship being towed by a tug. We certainly did not want to cross the bow so we had to turn east earlier than we wanted.

The impact of that action can be easily seen..the force of the gulf stream current carried us north in spite of the fact we were headed due east. Just one more care where you simply cannot fight mother nature!

Gulfs Stream Crossing

We ran along the coast and crossed the Gulf Stream during daylight hours arriving the Bahamas Banks approximately 10:00pm. The Gulf Stream is one experience but the “banks” are another. The Bahama Banks is a vast area of mostly sand covered bottom that is 15-23 feet deep. When the moon is full as it was almost the night of our passage there is enough light to actually see the bottom passing below you. It is a very unique experience for sure.

The lighted cruise ship “took our stern” just as we were arriving the banks. The other two photos show the moon setting as we crossed the banks over night. We arrived Fresh Creek Andros about 30 hours after our departure from Palm Beach, a passage of approximately 210 nm.

The first order of business was to get checked in with Bahamian Customs and Immigration. We accomplished that by taking a taxi out to the Fresh Creek Airport. A meer couple miles away. We wrapped the day up with a Head On Snapper Linner (Late Lunch/Early Dinner) and of course a Ice Cold Bahamian Beer!

The real reason we went to Andros in the first place so the Admiral could visit the Androsia Factory there. She provides a detailed report on our visit here: http://a2baker.com/seamlesssailorblog/

Next to the Exumas and meeting up with friends!!!!

2019-02-29 Palm Beach Part #2 — Addendum

I neglected one of the high points of our visit to Palm Beach. Monday nights at the Old Port Cove Marina Restaurant there is a HIGHLY competitive Game and in-spite of the fact that we did not have a Millennial Teammate, Team Magnolia overcame steep odds and won the $30 dollars in drink coupons! Thank you Mims and Ted & Sally (MV Amici) for jumping and bringing this victory home…

2019-02-29 Palm Beach Part #2

As out time ashore was winding down, we welcomed a mid week visit from the Tennars! We kept ourselves busy with a visit to the McCarthys Wildlife Preserve (http://www.mccarthyswildlife.com/). That toured turned out to be MUCH more fun than imagined.

While i wrapped up some pre-departure chores, Annette led the Jupiter Lighthouse tour.

With chores and tours complete it was tie for a stop at the Butcher House…another must stop place added to the list.

Lunch at the Butcher Shop

I am going to do a Varnish wrap up but two lessons learned…1) You do not complete a varnish job…it finishes you…2) Varnish application is an art…I am not yet a artist!!

Mims came for a send off toast! Hopefully we will be seeing her in the Abacos!!!

Annette & Mims — Two beautiful ladies who need a better photographer

We had a wonderful full month in Palm Beach truly enjoying our stay catching up with many people and accomplishing many chores….nex stop, Bahamas!!!