2019-02-29 Palm Beach Part #2

As out time ashore was winding down, we welcomed a mid week visit from the Tennars! We kept ourselves busy with a visit to the McCarthys Wildlife Preserve (http://www.mccarthyswildlife.com/). That toured turned out to be MUCH more fun than imagined.

While i wrapped up some pre-departure chores, Annette led the Jupiter Lighthouse tour.

With chores and tours complete it was tie for a stop at the Butcher House…another must stop place added to the list.

Lunch at the Butcher Shop

I am going to do a Varnish wrap up but two lessons learned…1) You do not complete a varnish job…it finishes you…2) Varnish application is an art…I am not yet a artist!!

Mims came for a send off toast! Hopefully we will be seeing her in the Abacos!!!

Annette & Mims — Two beautiful ladies who need a better photographer

We had a wonderful full month in Palm Beach truly enjoying our stay catching up with many people and accomplishing many chores….nex stop, Bahamas!!!

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