2019-02-20 Palm Beach Part #1

Upon our arrival in Palm Beach I had three major tasks to accomplish. 1) Get the water-maker commissioned/operational. 2) Get cap-rail varnish finished. 3) Complete solar upgrade. I am happy to report everything was accomplished plus we had some surprise guests!!

Soon after arriving Palm Beach, Acadia stopped for a visit which to have a minor “Krogen Rendezvous!” It was great evening!

MV Acadia (Diane & Tim) and MV Evermore (Pam & Jim)

Getting right to though Tom “The Water-Maker Guy” came out to take a look. The HRO system installed was one of these one button how many ways could this go wrong systems?

Simplified Water-Maker Pallet

Once we got started, it dawned on me this system was exactly the same as every other system on this boat. Top of the line components configured in excessively complicated systems were initially installed. We removed the water-maker, removed all the extra filters and antiquated electronic systems. This left us with a simple system of one switch for each of the two pumps, a pressure valve to control membrane pressure and a spigot. We ended up with a SUPER reliable, SUPER basic system that produces 25 g/hr @161 ppm! a real win for us!

We had a wonderful visit from fellow GenIV’s Jimmy & Katelyn. We love to host GenIVs so keep that in mind….but back to the visit… first stop from the airport was the local beach Tiki Bar so set the tone for the visit,

We were fighting a a dismal rain forecast but that did not dampen the spirits of our crew.

With crew shirts dispersed and appropriate pomp and circumstance Magnolia celebrated our newest crew members….a small and distinguished group.

In spite of the rainy nuisance we visited the Flager Museum ( https://www.flaglermuseum.us/) in Palm Beach. We were not aware of Mr Flagers before we began bringing “The Magnolias” to Florida. I think he single highhandedly developed Florida.

And then…there was the moment of sunshine…during an ice cream break…

It was a wonderful visit and great fun…so many GenIVs yet to visit!!!!

As I did on the sailboat I had installed flexible solar panels on MV Magnolia. I had to wire them different than the sailboat and that was causing the internal diodes to fail. I decide to replace those with some hard-frame 200w panels

I was very happy with the resulting installation and the performance has been terrific.

I did not wan the panels to be “noticeable” from off the vessel and it has worked terrific.

Still more visitors and more projects to be completed! Stay tuned.

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