2019-02-08 Holidays In Stuart

Don’t even start!!! I am TRYING to catch up again….you know I write this blog specifically for my old crotchety self and someday I will be complaining to myself that here it is February and you are writing about Christmas??? What the hell Bake!

It is just a simple indication of how much fun we were or are having. We were able to grab out traditional rosemary bush Christmas Tree….you think it looks good there…just wait till I get in on the grill with some chicken and pork!!!

New Years Eve brought together Exuberant, Acadia and Amici who was traveling by car to Marathon this year. It was a great evening and we even stayed up till midnight (cruisers).

My friend Tim on Acadia, a fellow Krogonite and former Naval Officer suggested we visit the National SEAL Museum at Fort Pierce. Little did I know Fort Pierce was where the Demolition Teams originated back in WWII A really great stop, recommended.

We had much catching up to do. Jennifer (left) whose father re-fitted Magnolia last year gave me lots of coaching on the cap-rail project and lots of fun evenings conking and drinking wine. Mims (right) , Annette and I had a terrific Christmas Day Brunch gabbing and catching up1

Annette finished the weather curtains and did a terrific job!

Here Magnolia rests behind Jennifer’s house with her new weather curtains. Looking quite elegant I must say.

A trip to Stuart is not complete without a meet up with Ticonderoga shipmate Mike Camacho. Thanks for making time Mike, I know it was aa very busy time for you and Michelle!

Departing Stuart our friends from Acadia Tim & Diane caught a couple pictures of us departure. Unfortunately I was taking advantage of the moment to do a little sanding on the cap-rail and nearly missed the entire moment!

The Admiral and I anchored a few miles south on Peck Lake and celebrated my birthday with a fine dinner and one our favorite Barborsville!

Of course I was making final teak preps so I could go right to work when we arrived in Palm Beach.

Of course the Admiral went to work as well, putting a fresh coating of teak oil on the furniture.

Next stop, Palm Beach!

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