2019-03-19 — Exuma Chain

We departed Fresh Creek Andros eastbound for Highborne Cay of course into a stiff easterly. Magnolia really showed her metal as we still continue to get to know her. As long as I kept my foot off the pedal she plugged right along just as happy as a boat could be, and we were too. It was a long 5o mile day passage but as good as we could have hoped for.

We have not been in the Bahamas for two years so it was nice to be back in the familiarity of Highborne and the Exumas.

Some fellow Krogenites, MV Unforgettable and Privateer were at Cambridge so we skipped Wardwick Wells and headed on down.

Getting into Cambridge Cay can be a little confusing and maybe a little daunting….once you see a 135ft mega yacht go through…you kind of loose your excuses….

Once in the mooring field this is what awaits….just beautiful.

Cambridge Cay — Bahamas Land and Sea Park
Greg (Privateer) and Scott (Unforgettable) enjoying an evening aboard Magnolia
A wonderful afternoon on the shore on at Cambridge Cay – Off to the Conch Nursery – Thank you Lisa (Privateer) for leading the excursion.

From Cambridge we moved down to Black Point, Exumas

The fish cleaning dock always has a variety of guys coming by for a snack on the leftovers. We don’t dangle our toes in case they get confused!

My work colleague, Pat McWherter whom I knew by name is also aboard a boat making his first trip to the Bahamas. Our mutual friend Byran Metts connected which was really cool

Pat and his crew were heading north as we were heading south and crossed paths here in Black Point.

Orion does not currently have a water maker. Magnolia makes more and stores more than we can possibly need so we were able to give Orion a good fashion style UN-REP (underway replenishment). We enjoyed a couple of cigars and some shared gratitude for the circumstances we find ourselves.

About the time Orion was departing, our friends Scott and Melissa arrived aboard Unforgettable.

A beach walk in search of sea-glass was embarked on.

Annettes Bounty!

Next stop Georgetown, Exumas.

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