2021-08-30 — Dads Visit

Dad was with us last spring from Charleston to Norfolk. He is very easy to have aboard and he enjoyed himself…with Maine being one of the few states he and my mom had not visited another visit was in order!!! More on that in a minute!!!

A few days before dads visit the forecast was for a strong southerly blow so we made a stop up at Blue Hill Island follow by a stop into Swan Island. Now there is not a lot on Swan Island but somehow we always stumble into something. See our 2016 visit here (http://a2baker.com/magnoliablog/?p=6488). This time we found an easy access to the only store on the island. Of course its all about the ice cream!!!!!

I did manage to locate a Lobster Boat nearby and managed to buy off the tail-gate. Even off the boat not in-expensive!!!

Of course there is the evening news but that sky is the real attraction…throw in my beautiful Admiral and you can see heaven from here!!!

Next stop was over to Norteast Harbor to visit with SV Mandala (Ron & Nancy)

Being Sunday we needed Brunch…where else but over to Little Cranberry Island via Blossom the dinghy! It is about a 4-5 mile trip in some pretty open water but having both dinghy’s made things a lot safer with a lot less stress.

Time in the cockpit with friends is always time well spent!

Particularly when it includes freshly picked Lobster Mac & Cheese….it was delicious!

It was getting to be time for Dad to arrive so we popped over to Bar Harbor to meet his plane at the Trent Airport. Pro Tip: Airport Transportation does not exist on Mt Desert Island. Plan accordingly. Through shear luck and the Grace of God I managed a ride out to the airport and back!

The days start slowly aboard Magnolia when company is aboard. A little paperwork, a little coffee….its all good.

Beautiful Bar Harbor

The top of Mt Desert looking back towards the anchorage.

It was time to get out of Bar Harbor and head “down-east.” First stop was Mistake Island home of the Moose Peak Lighthouse. Doing a little research we discovered there was a movie made on the island and we were able to stream the movie (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4733228/ and then visit the set the very next day…a VERY cool experience.

The crew visiting the set of “To Keep The Light.”

I neglected to mention there was a plethora of Blue Berries and Raspberries. We had collected an entire quart in no time. Those are Fog Horns. They can be activated by passing mariners using there VHF Radio…thankfully no one did…probably make me drop my bag of berries!

Next stop was Roque Bluff

As with most choices this summer in Maine, Roque Bluff stop was centered on the pursuit of Sea Glass. Here the Admiral is hard at it along another beautiful Maine Shore.

With Dads departure Hurricaine Henri was heading our way. Magnolia along with Unforgettable headed well north away from the Ocean to hide in Morgans Harbor.

We got ourselves settled and then decided on a little dinghy adventure. We located a Lobster Shack (Shack is literal) about 10 miles away and decided to to treat ourselves to a lovely lunch before the forecast storm.

A fun afternoon with much laughter and high jinx!!

Yes and here is our Hurricaine and I think at the peak….turned out to be a non event which are the kinds we like! The goal is never to get caught with your pants down, mother nature is VERY unforgiving!

Its time to start a slow march for the door from Maine. The Admiral has a number of suggestions for the trip south so we will be keeping busy!

2021-08-03 Heading for Maine

Just as we were departing a US Navy was returning to port. Much more impressive than a photo can depict.

After meeting up with our friends Frank & Elaine in Onsett MA it was time to head through the Cape Cod Canal. Summer in New England can always be a little foggy as can be seen in the below. The radar and a sharp eye allowed us to safely complete the passage.

Stopping in Situate allowed Annette’s friend Debra to visit. We were able to catch up in Hyannis a couple years ago and always a pleasure.

Another lovely morning heading up the MA/NH coasts towards Portsmouth, NH.

As we were approaching Portsmouth, NH we noted a drip of engine coolant coming from the Fresh Water Coolant bearing. Knowing the leak was not going to get better we went ahead and got that taken care of. First was to find a pump that needed to be shipped from John Deere (overnight) and a mechanic to get it installed because this was one job pretty far outside my experience. Thankfully after a couple days and couple of boat units we were on our way.

Turned out Magnolia was the latest addition to the Portsmouth Harbor Tour….kinda like being in a zoo.

We were able to dinghy over to a most tourist Lobster Pound for dinner one night. This side of the river is actually Kittery Maine

We were tied up to a floating dock which gave us a wonderful view of the harbor.

Vic the mechanic get’nr done!

Maine sure offers many dramatic sky scapes!

We made a stop in Boothbay Maine and neither of us could initially remember being here. Google Maps reminded us were here 6 years ago!! I think the marina had the same courtesy car.

Playing the Blues Brothers Sound Track!!

One more day while this front passes!!!