2017-04-22 Stuart, FL–St Augustine

As I wrote last time we had blown out the main sail off-shore Florida and so a stop at Mack Sails was in order. At the time of the sad news of the sail blowing out were learned also that our friend Al Watson was helping a friend Colin bring Tortuga north.  Instant fun!


We got a boys off the boat to go to Sailor Exchange (name/sp?) in Fort Peirce , Fl


Alan in a quite the wood-worker…”Alan step away from the teak…there is no room on the boat…”


North-bound strategy session…all work no play.


This is why John Sparrow you should not be on the ICW on the weekend…this care ICW @ Fort Pierce Inlet


First days stop Vero Beach, also known as Velcro Beach. Its so easy and lovely to be there its really hard to leave.


Colin’s first opportunity to raft-up on a mooring. Glad we were able to get this one under his belt. Coming into a strangers boat in always more anxiety filled.


Boats secured let go to dinner….this is a delivery trip…no days off.


We piled into the dinghy and went to our favorite local spot just around the corner


Next stop Coco Village, FL One of our favorite stops in FL.


The big thing about Coco was it was Als birthday and since Michelle was not along on this trip we took it as a personal responsibility to make there was appropriate celebration. Started off with Thai and finished with Ice Cream…every one had a great evening.

20170327_183036      20170327_193205

Sadly we our little adventure came to an end at Coco.




Magnolia’s next stop was Titusville where we were meeting up our mentors Greg & Marie on Second Sally.


Once again more yapping and less snapping (of pictures). There is hardly a conversation that goes by that I don’t pick up something. Just an hour ago we talked on the phone after their passage from Florida to Cape Lookout. He shared an easy enter in bad weather anchorage that I had never thought of..here for you too! We are often looking to get into Beaufort Inlet to head up Adams Creek but down there right 5 miles away perfect easy entrance GREAT protection deep anchorage in the Bight of Cape Lookout…I put this one in my back pocket


We departed Titusville and as the Admiral drove I got about swabbing the decks. I try and give everything a good fresh water douse after pulling the hook.


ICW dredge hard at work! We like dredges because we know the water will be getting deeper!!!


Next stop was St Augustine t see my great uncle Wayne and Carmen


It is ALWAYS a blast to catch up with these two kind people. Wayne is 98 and going strong…I have previously warned you my gene pool is deep!


This is Magnolia as were walking back to the dinghy dock from Wayne and Carmens. They live just across Bridge of Lions so super easy to visit! Castillo de San Marcos is in the background



Granted this is a religious question but we did not know the #2 Pizza Place in the USA is in St Augustine, Pizza Time. Who knew?


From St Augustine it was off to Winyah Bay…almost..the hard left explained the next time!