2016-08-28–Rockland — Booth Bay, ME

We continued our travels west as we slowly made out way back towards the Chesapeake.


Departing Merchants Row and the Hell’s Half Acre anchorage provided some magnificent photos.



Getting out of the area around Hell’s Half Acre is a little like escaping from a maze. Merchants Row consists of many small islands and rock out cropping’s to avoid and find out way around. I have to say it was a lot more confusing than imagined to navigate towards open water.


After departing the area known as Merchants we crossed the eastern half of Penobscot Bay. In the middle of Penobscot Bay are the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven. The passage between the island is know as The Thorofare.


The communities the line the banks look as if life has changed little in the last 100 years.


There are traditional gorgeous homes along the area.


Many many boat houses a long the shore.



I had to take a quick picture of this Krogen 42. The Krogen is a real ocean going trawler capable of going anywhere Magnolia can. If we ever make the Great Loop trip this would be the type of boat we would do it in.



Next stop was the town of Rockland


I wish I could say I took more pictures but I forgot except for one which I call “The Promised Land.” See I needed a tool I had found anywhere else and this was the first Home Depot I had seen since July 4th!


Departing Rockland early the next morning granted a us a lovely sunrise and an opportunity to remind Annette how late we slept in and how that sail boat beat us out of the harbor!!


The passage west to Boothbay was well outside the shelter of islands and we really were in the ocean…a little reminder that we have been transiting protected waters recently!!


The good thing about the rocky coast of Maine…light houses, lots of light houses to mark the passages.



We had not taken on fuel since our visit to Groton CT and still have over half left. Planning the trip back off shore to Onset, MA we like fill’er up. Having full tanks we could motor all the way to Maryland if we needed too!


We normally like to anchor on our own ground tackle but this particular anchorage really did “encourage” us to pick up a mooring ball. Not our favorite thing because you really really never know how well the mooring has been maintained. We quickly got settled and Annette went touring the shops in search of any must haves..I mean while found a bench over looking the main drag to watch the afternoon go by!



Some days you watch the show, some days you are the show…this port we were the show.



Inside the beautiful boat house lies a beautiful boat…you can see the wood stern exposed.


This is another one of my favorites. It’s name is Itaska. (http://www.myitasca.com/). I understand its forsale for ONLY 20M, but that does not include the helicopter….


Next stop, off the beaten path to Wiscasset! Looking forward!

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  1. Seeing as we are now land cruising in an Itasca 42 motor home, it is only fitting that we go halvesies with you on the Itaska motor yacht!

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