2016-09-01 Wiscasset ME

Wiscasset was not on our radar before heading for Maine. We have time and time again been rewarded by taking the less traveled road. We were certainly not disappointed by making the trip up the Sheepscott River to Wiscasset.


We have never been here before so it took a while to figure out how and where to anchor/moor. We like to anchor with our own ground tackle and after getting looking for an appropriate spot. We ended up mooring to a FREE town mooring.


View of Wiscasset water front as we approached.



Magnolia moored off the city dock, Wiscasset ME.


The Customs House at Wiscasset is this beautiful building on the water front dates to 1870.


We met Sam & Kayda through mutual friend Kindred Spirit and Cutting Class while we were all in Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas.








We thoroughly enjoyed walking around the streets of Wiscasset and even took a tour of the historic Nickels-Sortwell House.


We also toured the adjacent Wiscasset’s Sunken Garden. The garden has a very interesting start: “The story of Wiscasset’s Sunken Garden”




Sadly it was time to go already. It was a lovely weekend to spend with two truly special people. Thank you Sam & Kayda for sharing your town and your home…see you in the Abacos!


Early the next morning we cast off the mooring traveled the 20 miles down the Sheepscott to the open ocean basically travelled a straight line right into Cape Code Sound.


We need to transit the Cape Code Canal where the currents can be really strong with you or really strong against you. We like it right in the middle when there is very little current. Being a couple hours early we went down and anchored in front of a friends house on Sandwich Beach. Would ‘nt they be surprised to wake up and find us “parked” out front. Sadly they were not in town!!


The delay gave us the chance to make fresh water and fill our takes as well as wait for the current to shift.


Of course, the first thing we did was hit up Nana’s for a sundae…


Now as we sit in Onset, MA we wait for Hermine to figure out what she is going to do..we watch the scatter charts to see the models are all saying the Hurricane will stay out of New England. We are in Onset, right under the EE31 label.


and when she does get up here, how much weather. The line is our desired route and as you can see, we are not going anywhere till our traveler moves on her way!


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