2016-09-10 Hurricane Party–Shennecossett Friends-Groton, CT

Magnolia was all settled in Onset, MA as we watched hurricane Hermine traverse FL and then made her way offshore. We were back and forth whether to move further west. There is always the chance of putting ourselves in a worse place. When our weather router suggested we get further west we were underway within the hour. Our community, our cruising friends come out of the wood work to help us.  We departed Onset and made a very long passage to Stonington, CT before we ran out of light. We have been there several times and felt comfortable getting in after dark if that’s what it took.


We did get to see this very handsome old yacht, think it might be a Trumpy.


Arriving Stonington, CT right at sunset.



We got the anchor down right at sunset.


We made the short hop from Stonington to Shennecossett and our friends Al & Michele (Kindred Spirit) sponsored us at there club so that we could get a slip. Of course midway through our stay we had to move slips and as usual Dan & Marcia (Cutting Class) were there to help. We feel very blessed to be part of the community, you never ask for help, its just always there…thank you.


Al & Michele whisked us off to their home where we had a mini hurricane vacation with friends! Michele was kind enough to turn her kitchen over to us for an evening. I love to cook for friends.


The next morning Michele insisted on making pancakes, did I mention, we are NEVER leaving here….


In the middle of the “hurricane” we went to visit Gillette Castle. I will let the Wiki Page tell the details but it was a fun afternoon land trip.






We even took the car ferry a cross the Connecticut River because none of us can bare to be off the water for too long!!

2016_09_04_15_39_19_AWB-055  2016_09_04_15_40_50_AWB-051



We even slipped a little visit in with Ted & Sally from Amici…


The next day with the hurricane roaring around us…we had to take advantage of the West Marine Labor Day sale and pick up some bottom paint.


We twisted Dan and Marcia’s arms to take us to Mr G’s in New London. They have really good food but what I really like to watch is Dan & Marcia. See they were school teachers in New London for years and years. We cannot stop here without someone saying Hi Mr C, Hi Mrs C etc. That is the up side of being part of a community for a lifetime. For a lifetime vagabond, so enjoy jealously watching!!!  Thank you Dan and Marcia! Of course as soon as we sat down we started yacking and I did not get a picture!!! Sad smile🙁


Thank you again to all our Shennecossett for welcoming us into their homes, Dean & Maryjo sorry we missed you this trip!!!

3 thoughts on “2016-09-10 Hurricane Party–Shennecossett Friends-Groton, CT

  1. Glad you decided to go to CT before the storm hit your way. Those pancakes look divine. The castle looks like a lot of fun. Gee looked like you were in Germany with the castle. Great pictures guys. Thanks and safe sailing.

  2. Love reading about your adventures! Sure is an interesting hurricane season to watch, isn’t it? Hope to see you in NC this fall sometime – hope we’re home when you’re coming through! We’re going to be gone more than we’ll be home, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’re home when you’re in the area! You are welcome to use our dock and house whether we’re there or not.
    Mike & Kathy
    S/V Braveheart

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