2016-09-20 – Transit NYC–Annapolis


After saying goodbye to our friends in Groton and a very long passage we arrived Oyster Bay. We very much want to come back and spend some time here.  The Theodore Roosevelt family has a long history here.


Our overnight anchorage brought us on the next day to Port Washington, NY. This is where we will stage to go through NYC and down the coast of NJ.


We have been through this route once before but I frankly did not recall the shall we say “larger” home along the shore as we enter Port Washington


Not likely to make our residence in this area…..very lovely.


No port visit is complete without a visit to the local Ice Cream store…good score here.


We truthfully had not planned it but the best day because weather, tides etc was actually September 11th. A quick call to the Coast Guard confirmed there were no planned security limitations! 


Looking east after passing under the Frogs Neck Bridge just after dawn.


Across from Riker Island I discovered the Vernon C Bain Correctional Center Barge. I never imagined such a thing.


This area of the East River us known as Hells Gate.  There are very strong currents in this area so timing of your passage is essential.


As you exit Hells Gate into the East River Upper Manhattan is presented directly in front of you. Directly ahead is about 92nd Street East.


No description required Smile


Passing under the Verrazano Bridge 


Passing inbound ship as we transit the Ambrose Channel  bound for sea.


We were well off Sandy Hook, NJ by mid morning and heading down the NJ Coast.


We approached Atlantic City right out sunset and shortly there after the city treated us to a lovely after dark.




We rounded Cape May and proceeded up the Delaware Bay before dawn.


Mid morning we arrived east end of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and luckily coincided with another favorable current.


After about 33 hours Magnolia dropped her anchor in the Sassafras River before continuing on to Annapolis


3 thoughts on “2016-09-20 – Transit NYC–Annapolis

  1. Love your pictures. Sounds like a great trip. Are you planning on going to the Annapolis boat show? We’ll be in the area from the 4th to the 8th. We’d love to get together if you’ll be there then.
    Mike and Kathy
    S/V Braveheart

  2. Hmmm, I believe it is the THROGS Neck Bridge. I crossed that bridge almost every weekend when I was young, heading to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. As kids we also called it the Frogs Neck Bridge.

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