Boat Bed Sheets – Ban the Wrinkles!

I really dislike wrinkles in my bed sheets.  A lot.  The captain thinks it’s a bit funny considering I’m not as much of a neat freak as he’d like generally.  But when it comes to the sheets, I don’t mess around.  And what a pain to make a boat bed only to be left with a mess as you crawl off the mattress when you are done. Even with our center line aft berth you still have to crawl around to make up the head of the bed first not much easier than the v berth.  (Or some mornings make the bed while you are still in it.) Some say let it be.  You’re on a boat.  Who cares?  Well this boat is my home when I’m there.  We make the bed at our land-based home every day so why not on our boat home too?  Having a comfy, nicely made bed is a nice feeling.

That’s why I was so glad to find a variety of ideas for the odd-sized boat mattress and v berth bed sheets.  I’m collecting them here so they will be in one place for you too.  I’ll be working on the bedding project in the next few months (right after we get that new high density foam mattress). Modifying sheets and mattress cover, is the starting place.  Also I’ll be making a new duvet cover and pillow covers.  More to come!

The old bedspread.  It's just ok.
The old bedspread. It’s just ok.


Diagrams and directions in this post on modifying sheets for v-berth mattresses on Cruisers Forum by Sarafina.

Jaye shares her experience modifying her linens here.

Islander36, Mischief, shares a pdf with a good template for fitted bottom and top sheets using two flat sheets

Rebel Hearts v berth sheets and blankets – cute fabric proves sheets don’t have to be white!

Admirals Angle on Women and Cruising  site discusses bedding

Cruising Comforts post sheets and foam mattress blog post.  Very interesting blog

Ruth’s most clever v berth foam mattress and sheet system

Julie Gifford’s book, Canvas for Cruisers, has details on modifying sheet sets.

This site is a collection of pieces of advice about mattresses and mentions sheets.  (A discussion on mattresses could be a separate future post.)

There are also these bedding sleep systems that basically seem like big sleeping bags with sheets sets inside – for the non-sewer.

What sites or books or tips do you have for banning the wrinkles?  Leave a comment.

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