Guest Post Guidelines

The Seamless Sailor welcomes guest blog posts!  Have an idea about a sewing on board solution?  Found a tip worth sharing?  Have a sewing experience to share?  This blog is a place to collect and share sewing secrets for non professionals.


  • Personalize your post.
  • Make it relevant to a variety of skill levels.
  • How-to’s are great, but not required.
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words; add some.
  • Provide information vs. an “advertorial”.  But this is a good way to cross-promote your blog.  Please promote your Seamless Sailor guest post.
  • Keep it a reasonable length – 450-750 words.  Use an easy to read format.  Please edit your copy.  I may edit for grammar. If there is a need for clarity or additional edits, I’ll send it back for more information or if I add significant changes for your review.  I may add an intro and or a closing.
  • You know that Seamless Sailor doesn’t post on a specific schedule. I’ll respond in a reasonable amount of time.  While cruising, I don’t always have great Internet access.
  • Please provide a short bio, any Facebook, Twitter, and contact information.

Ultimately, I may decide that a blog post isn’t an exact fit for the blog.

Thanks for considering writing a guest post for Seamless Sailor.

October 1, 2013

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