Boat Curtain Styles

When you are thinking about decorating the interior of your boat, curtains can play a big role in creating the feel for your living space.  What style fits your boating lifestyle?  Formal pinch pleats? An easy cover on a bungee cord?   I’ve gathered some pictures of curtain styles as ideas to ponder in this blog post and on my Pinterest Boat Curtains Board.  Also listed below are some blogs by others who have done a great job documenting their curtain projects and some companies that offer curtain tracks and materials.

Magnolia's saloon 2013
Magnolia’s saloon 2013

Each boat is so unique.  Port lights are often at an angle as opposed to your windows at home. The track or method of hanging the curtains will play a role in defining your style also.  Do you want them hanging loose at the bottom when the boat is heeling or on a track top and bottom?  Do you want tie backs? Will the track show if you run it fore and aft?  Surface, vertical or horizontal mounting?  Tabs or snaps for the tracks?  You can sew on each tab or snap individually (less expensive) or you can buy a tape with the tabs or snaps already attached (a bit easier).  Or do you want just an attachment at each port light or roll them up? Will you line them? Do you need them to block light and maintain cabin temperatures?  Tip:  Car windshield foil sunshades (inexpensive) can be cut to fit into port holes to insulate behind curtains especially when leaving the boat for extended times.

The track is surface mounted and hidden by a teak rail on Magnolia.

Curtains are a good beginner to intermediate project depending on what you plan to make.   How much effort, money and time are you willing to commit to making curtains?   Have you counted how many port lights you have?!   In this post I wrote about how I made the curtains for Magnolia.

The curtains we inherited were probably original to the boat – pinch pleats.
Eleanor Q’s curtains have a top track and a soft pleat.
Aft overhead curtain
Aft overhead curtain with roll up tabs

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