Covering It Up – Jerry Can Covers

March 2014 – Updated post on Jerry Can Covers here.

I recently made three jerry can covers – two were for the same sized cans for diesel and one for water.  The plastic jugs can degrade in the sunlight, so covers are a worthwhile project.  I started with Julie Gifford’s directions in Canvas for Cruisers.  I decided to make a few modifications.  She recommends hemming the bottom after sewing the side seam.  I decided to just pin it and hem at the end after I added the top.

Start with the side seam

I didn’t add any darts as Julie recommends as our jerry cans didn’t really need that tight a fitting on the top.  I basically made a rectangular top.   Adding the top was a bit of a guessing game.  Added and pinned and re-pined then closed my eyes and sewed.  It worked out fine.  After a test fit, I marked and hemmed the covers.  I didn’t want them to touch the deck so they are about 1/2” off the deck.


Julie’s directions probably make for a more professional looking and fitted cover, but these work just fine.  We added grommets on each side of the handle on top once they were done.  The cans are attached on deck by line through the grommets to the board the Captain added to the port aft deck.

It took a few hours to make the first two with the last one taking just about an hour.  With a little effort you can have protective jerry can covers.  Give it a try.


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