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Screen Out the Bugs – Port Lights and Hatches

We had a bad case of the flies in July in the Bay.  It took several days to get them all.  But, we got them!  Now how to avoid those buggers in the future?  My sailing friends know that I've complained about flies before and haven't had a good solution for our boat.  Our 1990 Morgan 44 didn't come with screens on the plastic-frame portlights.  I envy my friends with the lovely stainless portlights with screens built in.  But, you can't have it all. Boats are about compromise. I looked at marine consignment shops for screens and found some, but none were right.  I thought of a couple of ideas for working with old screens and those ideas didn't cut it. They had gaps or wouldn't stay in place. I decided to try the stiff plastic mesh canvas Read more [...]

Curtains As Individual As Your Boat

Tammy Swart on Dos Libras has been working on curtains for her boat.  As we exchanged notes about her project she pointed out that boats are so different and you have to figure out what works for your boat when it comes to curtain installation.  So check out how she did hers in her blog post on "Things we did today".  Her simple and smart solution may surprise you. In a previous post I provided a few ideas how others had created boat curtains. I think that's the fun part of doing a project like curtains.  You can personalize them to make your boat your home.  I used curtain tracks and installed tabs in the curtain edges for the curtains on Magnolia. Don't forget - There is a Seamless Sailor Pinterest board for boat curtains here Read more [...]

Boat Curtain Styles

When you are thinking about decorating the interior of your boat, curtains can play a big role in creating the feel for your living space.  What style fits your boating lifestyle?  Formal pinch pleats? An easy cover on a bungee cord?   I’ve gathered some pictures of curtain styles as ideas to ponder in this blog post and on my Pinterest Boat Curtains Board.  Also listed below are some blogs by others who have done a great job documenting their curtain projects and some companies that offer curtain tracks and materials. Each boat is so unique.  Port lights are often at an angle as opposed to your windows at home. The track or method of hanging the curtains will play a role in defining your style also.  Do you want them hanging Read more [...]

Smelly Stuff – Getting Smells Out of Fabrics

Does your boat smell?  Have boat halitosis?  Do you come off the boat and people take a whiff and look at you funny?  Dreaded boat smell.  At one point I was told to live with it.  Boats Smell.  I didn't want to be condemned to boat smell if this is my home.  The hunt was on to get at the moldy stuffiness.  Here's what I'm doing to minimize  boat smell starting with the least expensive options.  I've got it on the run... 1. Get fresh air flowing through the boat as often as possible.   Whenever I can. 2. Take out, wash or dry clean any old, mildew-y fabric (e.g., curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads, blankets, pillows, etc). Marine canvas seems to really hold on to smells.    Yup. If you follow this blog you'll read Read more [...]

Curtains – Dressing Up the Boat’s Interior

If your boat is your home - full time or for weekend time, you'll want it to reflect your style and provide some comforts of home. There are a variety of styles for curtains to add some warmth to you home afloat. What fits your boat's personality and your lifestyle on the boat?  A fun nautical or tropical print?  A solid darkening curtain just to keep light and heat out?  Do you want a simple snap on cover?  Blinds?  Curtains with tabs that roll up or curtains that slide on a track?  Pleats for a bit more formal style or something softer? And there are those times when you may want to keep others from peeking in.  You may even get a bit of warmth from curtains.  So whether for style or comfort think about what your curtains can say about Read more [...]