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Chart Covers

When we had the new enclosure made I asked the fabricator for some of the old vinyl knowing how expensive it can be.  I thought there should be enough of it in reasonable shape to use to recycle into a new chart cover.  The chart cover that came with our chart is flimsy and gets ripped a bit more each time we use it.  I had taped the sides about as much as I could.  The new one is pretty tough since the vinyl I'm guessing is 30 or 40 gauge.  It's a bit heavy.  You probably don't need 40 gauge!  I made it and extra 1-2 inches larger than the chart to make sure it would be easy to get the chart in and out.  It was a pretty straightforward project. Materials: - Vinyl leftovers (12-20 gauge should work well) - Binding - Large Read more [...]
New enclosure 2013

The Perfect Cockpit Enclosure – At Least for Magnolia

Would you make or have you made a bimini, enclosure and dodger?  Now, that's a big project!  My sincere respect goes to those Seamless Sailors who tackle The Enclosure.  Since we didn't know the age of Magnolia's enclosure; the plastic panels were getting cracks in the glass no matter how much Plexus we used; and on top of all that, the canvas leaked no matter how much waterproofing we went through.  It was time to bite the bullet and make the investment.  The cockpit is our sunroom after all.  We planned the job for over the winter while the boat was out and a fabricator might have more time for  a big job.  I admit that I did not take on this project myself.   We decided it was worth having it done by someone with experience to Read more [...]