Chart Covers

Chart cover
Chart cover

When we had the new enclosure made I asked the fabricator for some of the old vinyl knowing how expensive it can be.  I thought there should be enough of it in reasonable shape to use to recycle into a new chart cover.  The chart cover that came with our chart is flimsy and gets ripped a bit more each time we use it.  I had taped the sides about as much as I could.  The new one is pretty tough since the vinyl I’m guessing is 30 or 40 gauge.  It’s a bit heavy.  You probably don’t need 40 gauge!  I made it and extra 1-2 inches larger than the chart to make sure it would be easy to get the chart in and out.  It was a pretty straightforward project.


– Vinyl leftovers (12-20 gauge should work well)

– Binding

– Large needle (#20) and heavy-duty thread

Take your chart and lay it on the vinyl.  Mark the vinyl with grease pencil adding about 1 1/2 – 2″ extra on the sides and top.  Leave 4-6″ longer on one piece for a flap.  Cut with heavy-duty scissors.  You can trim the flap at an angle or round the edges since they are a bit “sharp”.  Stitch about 1/4″ in from the edge using a larger-sized needle (e.g., #20).  You could stitch and then trim if that would be easier.  (The Sailrite stitched through two layers of vinyl like “butta.”)  Cover the cut edges with binding.  I used 7/8″ binding and my binder attachment.

That’s it.  Easy-peasy.  New chart cover to protect your all-important charts.

Finished chart cover
Finished chart cover

Secret Tip:  I wouldn’t recommend using basting tape.  I tried it and it’s too hard to reach into the corners to take it out!  I just carefully fed the vinyl through the machine.  It really didn’t slide like I thought it might.

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