Fabrics Along the Way

In February 2013 I went into a fun shop at Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay, St John.  Fabric Mill.  The proprietor had some beautiful batik fabrics and really cute casual clothes.  Wouldn’t it be fun to collect fabrics along the way to make interesting souvenirs?

Batik fabrics at Fabric Mill
Batik fabrics at Fabric Mill


Have you found a shop in an interesting place selling interesting fabrics?  Why don’t we try to collect names and pictures of fabric stores with unique offerings in our travels? We all know the “big name” stores and they serve a great purpose.  Maybe we could support smaller unique stores as well for unique items.  (I asked the proprietor if I could take this picture and she really appreciated being asked so keep that in mind if you are taking photos in someone’s shop.)

Cruz Bay
Cruz Bay, St John


Photo credits goes to my friend, Patricia, who had her camera available!








Update from Anne Dunlop: Batiks on Grenada  http://www.artfabrikgrenada.com/Showcase.html

Update from Julie Gifford:  Hawaiian Fabrics:



Update from Helen Marie Stanfield Bell:  Androsia Fabrics:


Batik - Bahamas Shopping - Hand Made Resort Wear and Fabric - Androsia Batik from Andros Island, Bahamas - Small Hope Bay Beach


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