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Magnolia Saloon 2013

New Settee Cushions = Bighter Saloon

Sometimes this Seamless Sailor decides a project is beyond her skill set or available time.  I had decided that the plaid settee covers on Magnolia, while still in good shape, didn't represent the look we wanted to create for our new home.  We wanted to make our imprint on our boat.  I wanted Ultraleather settees - sleek and durable.  The captain agreed to my extravagant choice.  After we had a positive experience having our enclosure remade by Captain Canvas, we had him redo the settees.  Again he did a fabulous job. We wanted a tough fabric that could be easily cleaned.  The trade-off - cost.  Ultraleather is pricey.   We look at it as an investment in livability on the boat.  And at the time we were both working. To decide Read more [...]