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Making Courtesy Flags

Susie Harris offered to share her blog post on flag making.  Seamless Sailor has posted before on flags here.  Susie's post adds some additional details and tips that I thought warranted this second post on flags. Aboard Temptress of Down she is undertaking several sewing projects.  She is a self-described "craft junkie with a sailing habit".  Sounds like the perfect Seamless Sailor to me!  Thanks, Susie, for providing insight on making courtesy flags. Vexillology 12/30/2013 Minima YC Burgee - handmade by moi ...Vexillology is the study of flags and we've been studying them hard aboard Temptress for some weeks as every country expects visiting boats be they super tankers or the tiniest of yachts, to fly a courtesy Read more [...]