These everyday kitchen scrubbies are simple to crochet or knit and inexpensive to make.  The key is to use tulle strips about 3” wide. You can find tulle rolls on Amazon, Walmart, and craft stores.          20160826_160054

Often the tulle rolls are sold in 6” widths. You can cut the tulle like I did with scissors or cut the roll of tulle the smart way like my friend, Michele, did. She used an electric kitchen knife. Her trick is to cut the strips 1 1/2’’ wide and use two different colors. The effect is cute and clever. If you just use one small strip, the scrubbie seems a bit wimpy according to Michelle. Plus mixing two color strips looks very nice. I have just been using a single 3” strip. You can roll the tulle into balls or just leave it on the cardboard roll to use.

Scrubbies by Michele

Here are simple instructions for a rectangular scrubbie using single crochet.  I use an “I” or ”J” crochet hook.

Start with 12-15 initial chain stitches for the length. Add 2 chain stitches at the turn.

Single crochet in each chain starting with the 3rd stitch. Go in through the top of the chain loop. The key is to stick to the pattern you start. Chain two at the end of the row, turn.

Single crochet in the hole created by the double crochet stitch in the last row. Watch that you keep each row the same length. You may need to add a stitch. The two chains at the end stick out a bit every other row.

Crochet about 10 rows or the size you desire. Then slip stitch chain around the scrubbie to finish it with either the same color or a complimentary color (just tie on another color and trim). Knot off the end leaving a few inch tail that you can weave back through several stitches with a plastic large eye yarn needle. You could add a drop of glue to the knot but not necessary.

The edges may curl a bit.  I haven’t solved this yet, other than to use a little tension as I go.  It may be the twist in the tulle strips. I put them under a heavy book to flatten them.

There are several patterns for scrubbies on Pinterest.  Take a look. I won’t add many here. But, here’s a pattern that is simple using single crochet. And, this pattern using split single crochet has several useful tips for making a flat round scrubbie.  She uses a stiffer net mesh fabric.

2 thoughts on “Scrubbies

  1. Hi Annette, Joey here from the Fl Keys. I found your blog recently. Great.
    I am a professional canvas maker here in the Keys.
    Setting up a 37ft O’day full Keel center cockpit to start cruising with my partner in a few years.
    You are doing great with your projects, thx for the links.
    The crusier perspective is what I am looking for.

    SO, my plan is to fabricate and make money while I cruise.
    Do you, do this while you are out cruising?

    I can not find many people on the Internet with your perspective.
    If you would rather talk about it on email, that would be great too.
    Thx Joey

    1. Hi Joey,

      Glad you found the Seamless Sailor blog. Welcome. I don’t sew for others so far. Just for our boat and a few gifts. I’m not a professional. I’ve just been sewing a long time. You will likely find folks who are looking for someone to handle their canvas projects. You might want to check out the Facebook page “Sewing on Boats”. And I’ve seen a couple of blogs about people who are selling various services while cruising. I find it a bit tough to work on big projects aboard and prefer to sew when we are at a dock. Good luck with your cruising preparations!


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