Chaps Aren’t Just for Cowboys

A cover, but no chaps for Blossom

Who wants a set of dinghy chaps? I haven’t made chaps but I’ve collected a few sites that have information on making them.  I made that huge cover shown in Sewing Projects. The cover is a great protector of the hypalon dinghy against sun.  But it is a pain to store when not in use due to its size. Using the dinghy on a regular basis, chaps make sense. You may want to  jump in and go or come home and pull her up for the night.  Chaps may help keep the  dinghy cooler to sit on when it gets hot in the sun.  I am collecting pictures and instructions for chaps.  Here’s my list so far.

  • Sailrite free downloadable  instructions

  • Ruth’s description

  • Linda’s great collection of chaps project photos

  • Good Old Boat article – “Dinghy Chaps Made Easy” Nov/Dec 2008 – not available online

– Gallant Fox

Who else has suggestions for making chaps?

4 thoughts on “Chaps Aren’t Just for Cowboys

    1. Carol, Assuming you are asking about a winter cover? I’m on the boat so I don’t have all my references but I’d start at Sailrite for instructions and videos. Also Julie Gifford’s book Canvas for Cruisers. Anyone else have ideas?

      1. Thanks for the reply, however, the index to that book doesn’t show full boat cover. I’m going to sailrite next. Thanks!

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