Screen Out the Bugs II – Companionway Screen

In attempt to continue the war against flies, I made a companionway screen to use in conjunction with the plastic mesh inserts I’m using in the portlights and hatches which I wrote about in a recent blog about hatch screens.

20150807_150759The mesh may not be small enough for no-seeums, but I am using a bug spray on the screens to address the smaller nuisances.

I found black screening at the local marine consignment store and bought 2″ black binding from Sailrite.  With a batch of measurements, I came up with the screen size.  This screen attaches to our existing navy blue companionway cover with Velcro.  When I remake the companionway cover, I’d incorporate the screen and better coordinate the color scheme with a more neutral color.






To make this basic screen, consider attachment point first.  How you attach it will determine the size you need.  Cut the screen according to your companionway frame measurements plus what’s needed for attaching it to the companionway or cover.  With the 2″ binding on each side, just cut to size.  No hems.  Baste to the bottom seam allowance drapery weights or other small weights so these will be hidden within the 2″ border.  Baste or use Seamstick tape to attach the border 2″ binding at the edge of the screen on both sides.  I overlapped the binding at the bottom to add a bit of umphhh at the base corners.   You could save a few inches of binding by butting the edges of the side and top binding.  I ended up adding a small metal rod inside the binding to hold the bottom flat against the frame.  Maybe the weights weren’t heavy enough and I could have just used the rod by itself.  Anyway it works.  We used Velcro to attach to the existing companionway cover.  If you want to use snaps that would be an option also.  Pretty straightforward.  Let those flies just try and get in our boat!

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