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20150810_Sail Bags_ABakerI entered these bags in the Sailrite Project Photo Contest.  The winner is determined by votes on their website by August 17, 2015.  Would you vote for my bags!?



It’s been awhile since I’ve made any Bowline Bags.  So I thought I’d update my bags.  After surviving a “creative disaster zone” while sewing on the boat, a recycled sail  backpack and small cross body bag appeared.

These are pretty simple bags.  I designed pockets out of Phifertex for my phone and pens across the back panel of the backpack. And I added a key fob to hold our rental car keys.  (Now that the condo and cars are sold, we have very few keys!)  Ladderlock buckles allow for adjustments for the webbing shoulder straps.  I added some plastic mesh for stiffening in  back and bottom.  I may add binding to the seams or would suggest a lining for making the interior more professional looking.  There are several good tutorials online for making backpacks that are much betterinstructions than I could detail so I won’t outline the steps here.

Some friends might recognize the cross body bag as a former Bowline Bag.  I re-recycled it. The grommets had rusted (note to self use stainless steel in the future).  While it shrunk a bit, I cut off the top, seamed the top on with the webbing inserted in the seam.  I topstitched down the seam.  Done and a new look.


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