Line Lock Covers

 More covers.  Everything teak needs a cover from the sun. Handrails, winches and line locks.  The two line locks on the aft cabin deck got new varnish, hence, new covers.


Basically, I made a box cover to slip over the top. Using a “boxing strip” for the top and forward and aft sides; I sewed the top to a side panel; then carefully lined up and sewed the forward and aft side strips to the side panel. Repeat for the other side. After testing the fit, I hemmed all around the base/opening, trimmed the corners, and carefully pushed out the corners with the blunt end of the seam ripper. (You could use your fingers or a pencil eraser.)  That’s it.  The Captain used wire ties to secure the cover to the base.  You could add snaps to the cover and the teak base if you wanted.

Yes, I know.  Two different colors of navy covers. The winch cover in the pictures is an old cover out of Sunbrella Navy. The problem is the new stack pack and the enclosure are made with Sunbrella Captain Navy. So I’ve decided to start the next round of covers out of the new Captain Navy and eventually get the covers redone in Captain Navy.  It will be a bit spotty for awhile on Magnolia as there are many old winch covers that are still serviceable. Oh well. I’d rather be snorkeling.

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