Cover It Up – TV Cover

One morning the Captain advised next on the list of projects – install the TV screen.  It’s on a folding arm attached inside a cabinet.  We decided that a cover would be a good idea to protect the screen.   No problem for a Seamless Sailor.  I pulled out extra Sunbrella and made up a cover in a few hours.  Here’s how I did it.

TV Cover



Binding Tape

Creatology Fun Foam

– Measure the screen front to cover.  Cut the foam to this size.  For the Sunbrella front panel, add 1/2″ seam allowance for each front side. Cut two of these in Sunbrella with a hot knife or finish edges.

– Measure the back.  Is there a need for an opening for the arm or extra depth for a stand? Mark where the opening should be. Is there any depth that needs to be accounted for?  Double check measurements and cut with hot knife.

– Baste down the foam inside the seam allowances of one of the Sunbrella front pieces.   Sew the second piece of Sunbrella right sides together.  Trim corners and turn.

– Sew binding to the opening on the back piece to finish the edge.

– Sew back to front right sides together.  I had added a bit to the width of the back to accommodate the equipment on the back.  I simply put tucks in at the top. Trim corners and turn.

20130612_110918 (1)
Right sides together…stitch the front to the back

– Sew binding around the bottom or hem.

Note:  If you were making a cover that had any substantial depth, we’d look at adding sides.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, nothing fancy.  A lot of items need covers on a boat.  What do you need to cover?

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