2014-08-21 Acadia National Park II–Cousins–Friends and Heading Home–What a summer!

There you see it, my cousins Tom & Judy Carter from Wapakoneta OH boarding Magnolia in NE Harbor Maine. What a treat we were able to meet up in such a beautiful location.



NE Harbor mooring field


First stop was short dinghy ride across the harbor to Asticou Gardens.


A funny view of Magnolia on our friends mooring flanked by a couple of mega yachts.


Asticou Gardens




No Magnolia visit (or any other cruising boat) is complete without a cockpit Happy Hour


Before Tom & Judy finished their visit we HAF to make it to the tip of Cadillac Mountain. This is the same Cadillac that founded Detroit (don’t tell the Indians).


Overlooking Bar Harbor


It was time for Magnolia to get on the move south as well. As the Admiral took in one more garden I did some shopping at the excellent farmers market in NE Harbor


Magnolia brought us 12 miles down to Frenchboro Long Island to stage for a long passage to Cape Cod. We were rewarded with a spectacular anchorage, weather and of course barbque bread!



The passage to Cape Cod is just about 200 miles.

2014-08-23 Track Capture

Just as we arrived in Cape Cod Bay but who should we see but Exuberant!


You might recall we visited out friends Frank & Elaine on our way north. They were kind enough to come out to the Cape Cod Canal and welcome us back! (Magnolia making her way through the Cape Cod Canal)


We enjoyed a lovely evening of Pizza and Ice Cream and catching up on summer activities and fall plans! Always enjoy spending time with them!!! Tomorrow off to Cutty Hunk and a mid week visit with more cousins in Newport!

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  1. Hey u guys are really moving and seeing so much. Love the dueling yachts picture. Glad you got to visit with Frank and Elaine again and all is going well with all your visits and sightseeing while on Magnolia.

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