2014-08-19 Acadia National Park


Wow is about all we can say about Acadia. It is very beautiful and the persons who settled this area were A LOT tougher than we!

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Our visit overlapped for a day with our friends Bert & Pru from Exuberant. I like to call them out Ohio friends since they lived in Mansfield and sailed Lake Erie before cruising.


After being in Acadia for a bit I see that it is not unusual for a tree to grow on top of a rock but this being the fist I call the photo “commitment”.


Acadia Nation Park has a rich history. Part of that history are the carriage roads and bridges that the Rockefeller family had built in the early 1900s. There are 16 bridges and 57 miles of paths. We went on a short Parke Ranger organized tour of some of the bridges. Very cool and recommended. 





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See how the bridge frames the waterfall beyond?



2 thoughts on “2014-08-19 Acadia National Park

  1. How beautiful! Reminds me much of the Pacific NW, except with pine trees rather than fir. I would love to cruise in that area. Nice photos!

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