2014-08-11 Charcoal Grill Bread

I have gotten asked a number of times the recipe for my barbeque bread and I have always said “there is no recipe.” Today I actually tried to write down what I did. Before departing Dix Island for Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island I put one heaping tablespoon of sugar into a Lock-N-Lock along with a 1 pouch of yeast and 1 can of beer. I use a Lock-N-Lock because when you put beer, sugar and yeast together things are going to “cook” with potentially explosive results.


(My crack photographer thought some candid action shots might be good“)


The crew got Magnolia underway while my “concoction” cooked for a couple of hours. While underway and the Admiral was at the helm I poured  “the concoction” into a mixing bowl along with 5 cups of all purpose flour, 3 table spoons of salt, 2 table spoons of dried dill and today I added 1 table spoons of dried garlic. (Its never the same spices, well usually dill is always included)


I stir those ingredients together and and then knead the dough for 10-15 min or until I get bored. Give it at least 10 min though. After getting the dough in good shape I give the bowl a good spray on non-stick stuff.


I cover the bowl with a wet dish towel and place it in the engine room to rise. (Nice and warm in there)


Special Note: Never place the bowl on top of a RUNNING engine. This is on the generator, the main engine 24 inches aft is running. If you do not have an engine room, first, that’s sad and second  find a warm place to let the dough rise for a couple hours.  The dough is actually rising right now and I need to go and relieve the Admiral at the helm. More later…


We set the anchor in Seal Bay on the island of Vinalhaven


As you can see we got anchored in Vinalhavem in a lovely anchorage. The bread is still happy in the engine room. This picture makes the space look a lot more complicated than it actually is.


After letting the dough rise and beating it down once the dough is split into 2 loaves.


Spray a piece of foil with some non stick spray.


Place on the grill and then flip when the underside firms up.




Eat before Bunny gets a hold of it!


8 thoughts on “2014-08-11 Charcoal Grill Bread

  1. I thought maybe, you were gonna spread some herb butter on bread and fry it on the grill. Holy crap! You actually MADE bread! And let it rise on the engine. What did you do in the old life! I am very impressed, Cuz!

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