2014-08-29 Stonington, CT – Newport Cousins – Eleanor Q, Exuberant, Cutting Class, Kindred Spirit

It is feeling a bit like reunion week aboard Magnolia. As we were departing Onset Eleanor Q was departing Block Island and a rendezvous was quickly established of Cutty Hunk Island which is along the south shore of Buzzards Bay.


Eleanor Q and Magnolia spent a great deal of time together on our trip to the Bahamas and back, so any opportunity we get to meet up is always welcome!

photo 3


There is not a lot on Cutty Hunk but the island had a terrific vibe and we certainly enjoyed our walk around to explore. Frank and I even scored and ice cream….or two along the way.


Not sure of the current status but that was a Coast Guard Station at one point.


Saying our goodbyes to Eleanor Q we headed off to the fabled sailing city of Newport RI


I used to think you could really feel the history in Fredericksburg, VA and that area of Virginia. Let me tell you, this coast-line smacks you with history particularly I guess its called the “Gilded Age” turn of the last century time.




Crazy house in Newport Harbor.


Particularly fun was meeting up with my cousin and AnnMarie along with Deb and Jonathon. We had a lovely evening catching up along with a great meal! Thanks for making time!


Before departing we met up with Exuberant. With Bert away of a brief trip  Pru joined us for a lovely evening on Magnolia. Magnolia made a 33 mile hop over to Stonington CT to rendezvous with Cutting Class and Kindred Spirit.


We were introduced to Marcia and Dan of Cutting Class by our mutual friends on Kindred Spirit. We all spent various times together in Hopetown Abacos.


Grabbing a coffee awaiting Kindred Spirits arrival on Saturday.


Our first look at the new Kindred Spirit. Yup, the one we use to know was a Morgan Sailboat like ours. Since our last visit together they crossed to the “dark side.” That what us sailboat people call power boats. Smile In spite of it she us a lovely vessel! Smile


Kindred Spirit was out first “buddy boat” we ever had! We departed the Chesapeake together last fall. They will always carry a special place in our memories! Sadly they will not make to the Bahamas this winter but we are certainly hoping for a Maine Meet-Up next summer!

IMG_2721(M. Watson)

In case you ever wondered, this is how we get to dinner when we go out!

IMG_2702(M. Watson)



Magnolia as seen from Kindred Spirit. (She looks so tiny from up on the fly bridge…)

IMG_2664(M. Watson)



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