2014-09-08 Long Island Sound

Magnolia departed Stonington, CT and made a brief fuel and water stop in Mystic, CT. Before heading onto Groton, CT. Kindred Spirit also departed Stonington for Block Island so that left their mooring ball available in Groton, CT. (Follow all that?)


Mystic has a lovely port entrance.


We continued onto Groton and had another love visit with Cutting Class reviewing charts and plans for the fall. We will hopefully share some of the trip south with them this fall. Dan & Marcia thank you again for the hospitality. Note: Dan & Marcia drove us around for shopping and took us to their home to do laundry. That is considered cruiser heaven!

Departing Groton we passed the entrance to New London Harbor where so many of the Navy’s Submarines are based. Luckily we did not cross paths with any of those!



We had good wind on a nice long beam reach along the coast of CT arriving into New Haven.

Capture - 1

My friend and former colleague from Honeywell Days now moved back to CT and so we had not seen each other in a number of years. He was kind enough to drive down to the coast and we had a fun evening of catching up! Thanks for coming down Jon!


We departed New Haven at first light the next morning.




We had a long but easy passage the rest of the way down Long Island Sound to Port Washington NY.


Port Washington is the traditional jumping off point to pass through New York City. In addition it is an extremely cruiser friendly town with great access to shopping and laundry.

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