2014-03-15 Abacos Part II – Lighthouse – Friends – Universe

Some of our long time readers will remember our friends on Kindred Spirit. (See 2013-09-29 Living the Moment–Class of 2013 for a refresher) We traveled part of the trip south together, but ended up going to different parts of the Bahamas. We had not planned to visit the Abacos, but the “universe” suggested a course change and we ended up coming north after all. The disappointing part of our arrival in the Abacos was we missed Al & Michele by 3 days! We each had commitments. Missing each other by 3 days was a real bummer. On the upside we will see them in a few short months in their home state of Connecticut and we are looking very forward to that visit. Our mutual friends on Eleanor Q were already in Hope Town and when we arrived. When people heard we knew Al & Michele, well we were taken in to the fold as well!

I intended to write about the VERY unique Hope Town lighthouse, but I cannot do the subject justice so I am going to ask you take a moment and read Michele’s description and history of this unique place. (Elbow Reef Lighthouse – “The Candy Striped Lighthouse”)

Welcome back. Michele does a MUCH better job than I do! I can add some of our own pictures though!





2014_03_15_16_35_26_AWB-011_stitch - B



Getting back to that Universe thing. You might remember how this adventure began 5 years ago. (2013-11-05 Dealers, Enablers, “What is Possible”, All in 5 Years) Well as we are walking down the street we meet a couple and their two children. They are on S/V Taia which is a Morgan 46. Well as it turns out their boat was formally known as Liberty and owned by our friends Ty & Suzanne. This was the very first sailboat Annette and I ever set foot on and it is right here in Hope Town Harbor. Under the category of small world — unbelievable!

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