2013-09-29 Living the Moment–Class of 2013

Below is our gang from the SSCA GAM I mentioned. (L->R) (A**2), Alan & Michelle from Connecticut. Their boat Kindred Spirit is a sister-ship to  Magnolia. I discovered Alan’s website years ago when I think we were still shopping for Magnolia. He is a fabulous craftsman and thinks of the best modifications to make these already good boats better. Dudley & Cheryl (Blind Date) have been dock mates of ours for the last couple of years. They are not heading south this year but soon we hope. Beyond dock mates they have been great friends and always been great sounding boards for all things sailing! Frank & MaryMarie are home based in New Jersey. We met them at last years GAM have enjoyed following there trip this summer to Maine. We look forward to see them as we travel down the coast. We all come from different backgrounds but we are all in the moment right now, what an adventure and group to share it with!!!


The closing dinner was on Saturday night and Annette & I excited to get moving we brought the anchor aboard just as the Geese were moving to feed.


Alan & Michelle snapped a picture of Magnolia as we were departing the anchorage.


Below is SV Kindred Spirit at anchor near us. She is a really nice boat!




Annette had a lovely sail down the Chesapeake Bay and anchored just off the Patuxent River in Solomon’s Island. As always the US Navy provided entertainment as aircraft came and went from the nearby Naval Air station. We were also lucky enough to meet us with Chris from SV Vacilando. We have been following Chris & Melody’s on Facebook for a long time and met them F-F this last July on our last visit to Solomon’s. Though Melody was visiting family they too will be heading south in the next few weeks. Are you seeing the trend here? We are off to Reedsville tomorrow.

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