2014-03-05 Abacos, Bahamas Part I

Magnolia really enjoyed her stay in the Exumas but the migration must continue and with the coming of spring means moving north.  After traversing up the Exuma chain we jumped across the Yellow Bank to Eleuthera, Royal Island. The passage across the Northeast Providence Channel is a 58 miles so it makes for a very full day. Of course we picked the day where there was absolutely no wind. The only waves were these 4-6 foot long duration rollers.


Something we had never seen before was this fishing boat with it herd of smaller boats. It looked like a duck with its young from a distance.


After crossing over and entering the cut at Little Harbor we dropped the hook at Lynard Cay. This was a huge day for us because it was the first time we sailed into a place where we had previously flew in an chartered a boat. The blue line is our track from a few years ago and the magenta line where we anchored this trip. What a hoot!


Lynard Cay anchorage.


Looking (and feeling) a little scruffy after a long day!


Arriving Hope Town we were given a personal escort from our friends on Eleanor Q. They even reserved a a mooring ball in the field, how great is that?




A walk along the shore before a squall comes ashore.


Magnolia moored among the hordes in Hope Town


We met the Canadian’s on our crossing of the Gulf Stream from Florida. We have been crossing paths ever since have always enjoyed their company. All of the Canadians we have met have been very very kind and inviting.


So that was our first few days in Hope Town. We will be getting into work mode for the next few days with Annette making some jerry can covers a few sewing repairs here and there and I getting some varnish on the cap rails and polish on the stainless. Just regular boat chores that need to make time for now and then!

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