2018-07-31–Sandusky, OH

As we departed Put-In-Bay there was a forecast for late afternoon thunderstorms. Not unusual for many places we travel and we always do the same thing, get moving and get in by late morning.


We had a short 15 mile or so passage down to Sandusky passing Cedar Point Amusement as we arrived Sandusky Bay


We arrived, got the boat settled and made the rounds of the facility until the thunderstorms had come and gone.


As they arrived and I was laying on the settee relaxing the Admiral said its really blowing out there and headed for the pilothouse where she tunred on the instruments and related that it was blowing 50 knts…huh? That got me off the settee!!! In a few short minutes all had passed and we were not surprised to hear a few sirens etc.


It was only later that we became aware that a couple of roofs had blown off and actually part of a building had collapsed! Thankfully no one was hurt but sometimes you just don’t know what’s around the corner….


Thankfully we were able to get the weather behind us before the weekend began. My cousin Suzie along with her two friends came by on Friday evening for a wonderful visit aboard and diner ashore. It was a terrific evening of catching up.


On Saturday my cousin Jon , Betty as well as our friends Ted & Tina came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time catching up.



All the gabbing made us all hungry so we scoured Sandusky for a suitable establishment….




There is nothing we enjoy more than visiting with family and friends along the way. We are so very appreciative of the time and effort taken to visit Magnolia. Speaking of visits, Magnolia is off to Cleveland where we hope to meet up with fellow GenIV Sean while we are there….the adventure continues!!


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