2018-08-07 Cleveland & Ashtabula, OH

After departing Sandusky our next stop was Cleveland. We were looking forward to meeting up with fellow GenIV Sean. We also learned that Cousin Dan and Lori were making a surprise visit to Cleveland.


Our first stop was Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Neither Annette nor I had ever visited before so were looking forward!


We really enjoyed the visit much more than I expected. We arrived early and stay much longer than I had expected!


I was really excited to see Elvis Presley’s Volkswagen based trike. It was just like Tennar Trikes…


I think Elvis purchased from the wrong company truthfully!



After the museum we popped next door to a Mexican place that cousin Dan suggested…


We met up with Dan and Lori and made a trip to the West Side Market. The market is a true old school market similar Redding Terminal in Philly!


Note this is where I would have inserted a great picture of Sean, MaryAnn, Lori and Dan visiting on Magnolia and the fun dinner we had after but there were no good ones so we will have to just imagine….the next day Magnolia as off to Ashtabula, OH



Arriving in Ashtabula we learned our friend Roger from the Pentagon Sailing Club was from here, so Roger these are for you!


Only our second bridge request in the Great Lakes. We came up the river into town we found a very active boating community.


Downtown was completely filled with active store fronts.


Since we did not get any good pictures on Magnolia, the whole gang was kind enough to drive over to Ashtabula to share the evening.!!!


We found  a place called Rennick Meat Market. It had a long butcher shop history and dry aged steaks….perfect.


It was a very fun evening!



Like all good times the evening flew by and it was time for us to get back aboard for any early departure. Thank you all for sharing your time, great times and great memories!!!


Nest stop, Erie PA!!!

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